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Open Mouth, Insert Foot, And Protest Too Much

Friday, September 5, 2008

He's at it again, and he sounds like he's getting desperate.  As we reported in the story above, throughout this tumultuous election season Barack Obama has tried to hide behind vague statements of support for "sportsmen" or unfounded claims of general support for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  He simply refuses to speak honestly about where he stands. 

But every once in a while Barack slips up, and we get a glimpse of the anti-gunner behind the curtain.  When we do, more and more we see a frantic Barack Obama who sees that the public is not buying his attempts to con them on his Second Amendment stance. 

The latest example came at an event in the swing state of Pennsylvania.  WSJ.com, reports that during a small political event at a glass factory in Duryea, Pa., Obama was asked about whether he'd ban guns if he were elected president.  Predictably, he reverted to his standard, non-committal, "I don't want to take your guns" rhetoric. "If you've got a gun in your house, I'm not taking it,'' Obama said.  But apparently he could see that there were those in the crowd who weren't buying into his defense, and he frenetically pressed on … and on.  That's when he revealed what he really thinks. 

"Even if I want to take them away, I don't have the votes in Congress,'' he said.  "This can't be the reason not to vote for me.  Can everyone hear me in the back?  I see a couple of sportsmen back there.'' 

Yes, we hear you Senator Obama.  Loud and clear.

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