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Outrage Of The Week

Friday, July 11, 2008

This week's outrage comes to us courtesy of the fringe animal "rights" group known as the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA). 

We've reported before on animal "rights" groups that try to push their agenda via "educational materials" that are foisted upon our school systems.  The propaganda usually consists of the same, radical, scare tactics and lies we've seen time and again and come to expect.  This time, however, the NJARA has served up a version that, even by current standards, is utterly ridiculous. 

"The Zargon Connection" is part of NJARA's  "Humane and Responsible Teachers" curriculum designed for grades pre-K through 9.  The package includes a variety of classroom exercises, activities and lesson plans.  Included are suggestions to avoid field trips to zoos and aquariums because they "perpetuate the belief that it's acceptable to imprison animals."  And, of course, one of NJARA's major issues is "the killing of wildlife for management or sport."  So far, that's pretty standard fare.  But here's where things really take a turn for the weird.  "The Zargon Connection" is a science fiction story in which Earth is invaded by Zargonians—aliens that hunt and eat human beings for sport.  And, of course, the objective of the curriculum is to create in the minds of young children, the idea that the hunting and eating of game animals (and presumably the raising and eating of chickens, cows and pigs) is the same as hunting and eating your classmates. 

A few "Zargonian" excerpts: 

  • Parts of Earth have been "designated as 'human management areas' where they hunt us for pleasure and for our meat, which is considered a delicacy by Zargonian gourmets."
  • "Zargonians use a variety of hunting techniques.  They frighten us and then shoot us in the back as we run for our lives.  Or they unleash vicious Zargonian hounds who chase us to exhaustion and desperation, sometimes tearing us apart with their teeth when they catch us."
  • "Occasionally, in a technique known as baiting, Zargonians will set up a fast food restaurant or pizza parlor and burst in on us while we eat, with their street sweepers blazing."
  • "Often, their weapons leave us alive, but dreadfully wounded, and we die slowly and painfully from blood loss, infection or starvation.  Some of us are children, left to starve alone and afraid when they kill our parents." 

There is plenty more, but you get the idea. 

This "curriculum" is nothing more than NJARA's attempt to forward their agenda by terrifying young children with their preposterous and grossly offensive propaganda.  The idea that you can "educate" young children by giving them nightmares is outrageous.

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