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Friday, May 2, 2008

Anti-Gun Political Correctness Runs Amok On Campus:  This week’s outrage comes courtesy of Saint Louis University in St. Louis, MO where 40 faculty members submitted an open letter in opposition to the establishment of a firearm safety and awareness group on campus.  The faculty members claimed that the group, Gun Awareness and Marksmanship Education (G.A.M.E), would only contribute to the “cycle of violence in the world.”   They further stated that “The chartering of G.A.M.E on the campus of Saint Louis University, we believe, is not in keeping with the Jesuit and Christian values of loving and forgiving one another in a world full of hatred and violence.” 

The group submitted a charter to the University and their student government clearly stating its goal of safety and education for those choosing to exercise their constitutionally protected Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  The group’s charter stated that its purpose was to host speakers, seminars, and discussions on practicing safe firearm handling and honing their marksmanship skills.  They planned seminars on gun safety and visits to the local shooting ranges.  This past March, members of G.A.M.E hosted an event at Saint Louis University featuring Chris W. Cox, NRA-ILA’s Executive Director.  The group also clearly stated they would not request or receive any University funding for any activity involving the discharge of a firearm.  

While the faculty members in their letter acknowledge our country was born of protest and dissent, they unfairly imply that merely wanting to charter an organization that teaches others how to safely and properly handle firearms is an act of  “protest, of dissent and revolution.”  They ridiculously equate the formation of an educational group to the University endorsing a pro-violence agenda.  The implication that exercising a constitutionally protected right is pro-violence and against Christian values is shameful.  

G.A.M.E group members held multiple debates and discussion sessions, withstanding hard criticism and unfair attacks in hopes of being granted a charter. After even more controversy erupted over the name of the organization itself, the group changed its name to Gun Safety and Education Club (G.S.E.C).  Ultimately, after long debate with the University and student government, the group was denied its charter on a 22-10 vote. Tom Applewhite, President of G.S.E.C, has vowed to try again to obtain a charter for the group next semester. 

G.A.M.E/G.S.E.C. ultimately sought to promote security, responsibility, and education for students choosing to participate.  It’s not only unfortunate that educators would work to deny students an opportunity to further educate, it’s outrageous! 

To read the open letter signed by the faculty of St. Louis University, please visit: 


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