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Standing Guard: License For Tyranny

Friday, February 8, 2008

There is no element in the poisonous alchemy of the globalist gun ban crowd more dangerous to American freedom than the twin evils of gun-owner licensing and firearm registration. Never forget that they exist only as precursors to gun confiscation.

Registration is the key ingredient in the anti-gun rights brew marking presidential candidate Hillary Clinton`s core beliefs. And photographing and fingerprinting honest American citizens as a condition of potential gun ownership is the key gun control scheme of Hillary`s rival, U.S. Senator Barack Obama, D-Ill.

As for gun confiscation? Both leading Democratic candidates, Obama and Hillary, are supporters of firearm bans. For Clinton, that includes the confiscations that took place in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Hillary has pushed vigorously for a harsher version of Bill Clinton`s semi-auto ban, a hallmark of their "co-presidency" and a stark reminder of what 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would have in store for you upon the return of this "political team."

Those two-thirds of a million registered long guns were chopped and torched, often in front of their licensed owners.

For his part, Obama has variously supported bans on the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns; the extension of the Clinton gun ban; and most remarkably, in 1998 as a state senator, embraced the call to "ban the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons."

In seeking to capture the White House in November 2008, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are lying in saying they support the Second Amendment.

A look back into recent history reveals the truth.

As a prominent leader of the George Soros-funded and Rosie O`Donnell-hosted Million Mom March in May 2000, Hillary Clinton made this single demand:

"We have to license and register all handguns." But as The New York Times elaborated, it was more than that:

"If elected to the Senate, Mrs. Clinton said she`d work with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., on her bill that would require prospective gun buyers to first obtain a gun license by passing a background check and a safety course exam. The bill would also establish a national registry to record all gun sales."

As for Obama, as the U.S. Supreme Court is about to hear the landmark challenge to the District of Columbia`s total handgun ban, he blithely labeled that draconian law "common sense," and said he believes it is constitutional. D.C. not only bans private ownership

of handguns, but also prohibits operable long guns in private homes for self defense.

In all the years I have been on the frontlines of this fight, there have been no conversations more sad and more elemental to the future of our freedom than with activists in two English-speaking countries a world apart.

Both good men experienced tyranny-the theft of their freedom, their dignity, their honor and their private property-made possible through licensing and registration.

My friend in Australia-a licensed gun owner who had first forfeited his registered semi-auto and pump rifles and his self-loading shotguns in 1997-described the gun bans in that country. Holding his most prized possession, a fine Krieghoff Luger, he said:

"My father fought in World War II. This is the only remembrance of his service that I have. Now I have to give it to the government for destruction."

Asked about resistance, he said angrily, "If your guns are registered, all of this bravado just withers. If your firearm is registered you have a choice, you either have to give it up, or you`re going to jail. Keep your NRA strong. Don`t ever allow the government to register your guns."

My friend in England, like his Australian counterpart, was a licensed gun owner; he had given police obligatory information about his

guns and was forced to agree to warrantless inspections of his home to check on his gun storage. That was before police took his guns for destruction. He had the same message for Americans:

"If they don`t know you have firearms, they can`t come and take them away from you." That truth was emphatically repeated by John Crook, the man who replaced Rebecca Peters as the gun confiscation guru in Australia, after she moved on to her U.N. world gun-ban perch. Crook, who headed "Gun Control Australia," said on a "World Today" broadcast interview, "where there was gun registration, [we] brought in a lot of guns. After all, two-thirds of a million guns is a lot to bring in ... ."

Those two-thirds of a million registered long guns were chopped and torched, often in front of their licensed owners.

That ban was followed by a massive increase in violent crime, which was followed by another round of gun confiscation and destruction, this time of handguns not approved by government-like my activist friend`s war souvenir Luger.

In pressing for the handgun ban, Rebecca Peters confessed that the long gun ban she created was really aimed at sporting guns and collectibles:

"The fact that many civilians owned self-loading or semi-automatic rifles and shotguns for the purpose of sport did not make those guns suitable for civilian ownership." Her ban, she said, "took away nearly 700,000 of them to be melted down into soup cans and bus-stop benches ... ."

That brings us back to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. If either wins the White House, and if gun rights majorities are not returned to the U.S. Senate and House, I guarantee that Peters and her boss, George Soros, will be writing the gun control agenda, beginning with registration and licensing, all with the goal of turning our guns-Americans` guns-into international soup cans and park benches.

We must organize, as never before, and vote to keep our guns out of the wrong hands-out of the hands of an oppressive gun ban regime!



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