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Georgia Senate To Vote On Critical Right-To-Carry Reform Legislation!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tomorrow, January 17, the Georgia Senate will vote on critical NRA-supported legislation to protect our firearm rights.  House Bill 89 has been amended to include the following pro-Second Amendment language:

*allows licensed carry permit holders to possess a firearm in any private motor vehicle, while on any publicly accessible parking lot;

*prohibits gun dealer entrapment schemes, such as those orchestrated by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg;

*allows concealed carry permit holders to carry in State Parks; and

*creates a strict time limit for various stages of the pistol license application process. 


These are just a few of the positive reforms HB 89 will make to Georgia’s firearm laws. 


Unfortunately, gun control advocates are lining up in opposition to this bill.


Help preserve our Second Amendment rights by contacting your State Senator today and urge him or her to support and vote “yes” on HB 89. 


If you need help identifying your State Senator, please click here.


Make These Calls Today!


42        Adelman, David (D)      david.adelman@senate.ga.gov              (404) 463-1376

9          Balfour, Don (R)           don.balfour@senate.ga.gov                  (404) 656-0095

26        Brown, Robert (D)         robert.brown@senate.ga.gov                (404) 656-5035

11        Bulloch, John (R)          john.bulloch@senate.ga.gov                (404) 656-0040

55        Butler, Gloria S. (D)      gloria.butler@senate.ga.gov                 (404) 656-0075

13        Carter, Joseph (R)         joseph.carter@senate.ga.gov              (404) 651-7738

16        Chance, Ronnie (R)       ronnie.chance@senate.ga.gov             (404) 651-7738

3          Chapman, Jeff (R)         jeff.chapman@senate.ga.gov               (404) 656-0045

46        Cowsert, Bill (R)            bill.cowsert@senate.ga.gov                 (404) 463-1366

44        Davenport, Gail (D)        gail.davenport@senate.ga.gov              (404) 656-7586

17        Douglas, John (R)          john.douglas@senate.ga.gov               (404) 656-0503

39        Fort, Vincent (D)           vincent.fort@senate.ga.gov                   (404) 656-5091

7          Goggans, Greg (R)        greg.goggans@senate.ga.gov              (404) 463-5263

8          Golden, Tim (D)             tim.golden@senate.ga.gov                  (404) 656-7580

25        Grant, Johnny (R)           johnny.grant@senate.ga.gov               (404) 656-0082

30        Hamrick, William (R)      bill.hamrick@senate.ga.gov                 (404) 656-0036

15        Harbison, Ed (D)            ed.harbison@senate.ga.gov                 (404) 656-0074

29        Harp, Seth (R)               seth.harp@senate.ga.gov                     (404) 463-3931

49        Hawkins, Lee (R)           lee.hawkins@senate.ga.gov                  (404) 656-6578

31        Heath, Bill (R)               billheath@billheath.net                          (404) 651-7738 

41        Henson, Steve (D)         steve.henson@senate.ga.gov                 (404) 656-0085

4          Hill, Jack (R)                 jack.hill@senate.ga.gov                         (404) 656-5038

32        Hill, Judson (R)              judson.hill@senate.ga.gov                     (404) 656-0150

14        Hooks, George (D)         george.hooks@senate.ga.gov                (404) 656-0065

47        Hudgens, Ralph T (R)     ralph.hudgens@senate.ga.gov               (404) 656-4700

1          Johnson, Eric (R)           eric.johnson@senate.ga.gov                  (404) 656-5109

10        Jones, Emanuel (D)        emanuel.jones@senate.ga.gov              (404) 656-0502

12        Meyer von Bremen, Michael (D) michael.meyer@senate.ga.gov    (404) 656-0037

56        Moody, Dan (R)             dan.moody@senate.ga.gov                    (404) 463-8055

53        Mullis, Jeff (R)                jeff.mullis@senate.ga.gov                      (404) 656-0057

27        Murphy, Jack (R)            jack.murphy@senate.ga.gov                 (404) 656-7127

36        Orrock, Nan (D)              nan.orrock@senate.ga.gov                    (404) 463-8054

51        Pearson, Chip (R)           chip.pearson@senate.ga.gov                 (404) 656-9221

23        Powell, J. B. (D)              jb.powell@senate.ga.gov                      (404) 463-1314

43        Ramsey, Sr., Ronald B. (D) ronald.ramsey@senate.ga.gov           (404) 463-2598

35        Reed, Kasim (D)             kasim.reed@senate.ga.gov                   (404) 463-1379

21        Rogers, Chip (R)             chip.rogers@senate.ga.gov                   (404) 463-1378

50        Schaefer, Nancy (R)        nancy.schaefer@senate.ga.gov             (404) 463-1367

28        Seabaugh, Mitch (R)       mail@mitchseabaugh.com                    (404) 656-6446

34        Seay, Valencia (D)          valencia.seay@senate.ga.gov               (404) 656-5095

48        Shafer, David (R)             david.shafer@senate.ga.gov                  (404) 656-0048

52        Smith, Preston W. (R)     preston.smith@senate.ga.gov               (404) 656-0034

18        Staton, Cecil (R)             cecil.staton@senate.ga.gov                  (404) 656-5039

6          Stoner, Doug (D)             doug.stoner@senate.ga.gov                 (404) 463-2518

22        Tarver, Ed (D)                 ed.tarver@senate.ga.gov                       (404) 656-0340

38        Tate, Horacena (D)          horacena.tate@senate.ga.gov               (404) 463-8053

54        Thomas, Don (R)             don.thomas@senate.ga.gov                  (404) 656-6436

2          Thomas, Regina D. (D)    regina.thomas@senate.ga.gov               (404) 463-7784

5          Thompson, Curt (D)         curt.thompson@senate.ga.gov               (404) 463-1318

33        Thompson, Steve (D)       steve.thompson@senate.ga.gov             (404) 656-0083

20        Tolleson, Ross (R)           ross.tolleson@senate.ga.gov                 (404) 656-0081

45        Unterman, Renee S (R)    renee.unterman@senate.ga.gov             (404) 463-1368

40        Weber, Dan (R)               dan.weber@senate.ga.gov                     (404) 463-2260

24        Jackson, Bill (R)              bill.jackson@senate.ga.gov                   (404) 656-5114

37        Wiles, John J. (R)            john.wiles@senate.ga.gov                     (404) 657-0406

19        Williams, Tommie (R)      tommie@tommiewilliams.com               (404) 656-0089


To keep track of this critical Georgia legislation and other Second Amendment issues around the nation, please visit www.NRAILA.org.

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