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Hypocrisy of the Week

Friday, December 14, 2007

During an election year, it’s common to see political contenders pulling out all of the rhetorical stops in an attempt to distinguish themselves as the “candidate of choice” for their constituency.  Unfortunately, they often test the limits of credulity in the process. 

Such is the case for Hillary Clinton, who, in her zeal to discredit Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) on the gun issue for her own presumed political gain, has apparently either abandoned her long-held anti-gun position, or has conveniently developed a case of political amnesia.   

The “Other Clinton” recently issued a press release assailing Obama for his past support of “banning all handguns,” citing his position as one reason to “raise serious questions about his electability.”  What’s that, Mrs. Clinton?  Obama’s anti-gun position should serve as a basis to preclude his candidacy?  To the long list of names one might be inclined to call Hillary, we can add another:  Hypocrite. 

Mrs. Clinton’s anti-gun record is well documented.  Does she think we’ll forget her long-held stance, or does she believe us naive enough to buy the ruse that her anti-gun stance is substantially different from Senator Obama’s?  Can the so-called “smartest woman in the world” be that obtuse? 

We are well aware of Clinton’s position on gun ownership; so much so that in her 2006 reelection, NRA’s Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) issued Clinton a well-deserved “F” grade.  So don’t buy Hillary’s new hypocritical hype. 

Incidentally, Obama needs no help from Hillary in discrediting himself on our issue; he does a fine job of doing so on his own. 

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