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Jefferson County, Washington Taking Up Proposal on Prohibition of Shooting and Hunting!

Friday, November 3, 2006


Attendance is crucial!



Jefferson County commissioners will be considering a proposal on Monday, November 6, to make it easier to prohibit shooting and hunting in the county.  Existing county law requires affected residents to sign a petition requesting a no-shooting zone before Commissioners can consider its creation.  The proposal would allow government officials to initiate the process of prohibiting shooting in the county and allow county employees to request restrictions on shooting based solely on the undefined standard of “significant enough” population density.


To date, there is no indication that there have been safety-related problems in the county or that there has been a problem in creating no-shooting zones where there is a justifiable need.  There have been reports of discussions in the last year, however, regarding the creation of very expansive no-shooting zones which would include large chunks of the county encompassing rural areas, private farmland and WDFW and DNR land currently open to shooting and hunting.  The November 6 proposal would seem to pave the way to implement such restrictive ordinances.


Your attendance and participation at the upcoming November 6 public meeting to discuss the future of shooting and hunting in Jefferson County is crucial.  The meeting will be held at 10 a.m. in the Commission chambers on the ground floor of the County Courthouse located at 1820 Jefferson Street in Port Townsend.


This attempt to make it easier to impose restrictions on law-abiding shooters and hunters is similar to efforts NRA has been monitoring in many counties throughout the State of Washington.  It appears that people are becoming fed up with the negative aspects associated with an urban lifestyle and are causing population shifts to historically rural counties.  But then when they get there, these newcomers find there are characteristics of rural life they aren’t accustomed to or don’t like (firearms and shooting, for instance) and they work to impose their urban mind set on the rural traditions of their new area.


It is absolutely critical that firearm owners, shooters and hunters turnout for this meeting. Although it is scheduled to start at 10 a.m., NRA recommends you arrive at 9:30 as there will likely be many anti-shooting advocates there trying to fill the seats.


For updates, please continue to check your email or visit www.nraila.org/.

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