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1994 "Assault Weapons" Ban Vote

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Note: Only Senators who are currently in office are listed here. There are 51 Senators who voted on this legislation who are no longer in the Senate.

State Senator Party Vote Senator Party Vote
Alabama Richard Shelby R no
Alaska Ted Stevens R no
Arizona John McCain R no
California Barbara Boxer D yea Dianne Feinstein D yea
Colorado Ben Campbell R yea
Connecticut Christopher Dodd D yea Joseph Lieberman D yea
Delaware Joseph Biden Jr. D yea
Florida Bob Graham D yea
Hawaii Daniel Akaka D yea Daniel Inouye D yea
Idaho Larry Craig R no
Indiana Richard Lugar R yea
Iowa Tom Harkin D yea Charles Grassley R no
Kentucky Mitch McConnell R no
Louisiana John Breaux D no
Maryland Barbara Mikulski D yea Paul Sarbanes D yea
Massachusetts Edward Kennedy D yea John Kerry D yea
Michigan Carl Levin D yea
Mississippi Thad Cochran R no Trent Lott R no
Missouri Christopher Bond R no
Montana Max Baucus D yea Conrad Burns R no
Nevada Harry Reid D no
New Hampshire Judd Gregg R no
New Mexico Jeff Bingaman D no Pete Domenici R no
North Dakota Kent Conrad D yea Byron Dorgan D Not Voting
Oklahoma Don Nickles R no
Pennsylvania Arlen Specter R no
South Carolina Ernest Hollings D no
South Dakota Tom Daschle D yea
Texas Kay Hutchison R no
Utah Robert Bennett R no Orrin Hatch R no
Vermont James Jeffords I yea Patrick Leahy D yea
Virginia John Warner R no
Washington Patty Murray D yea
West Virginia Robert Byrd D yea John Rockefeller IV D yea
Wisconsin Russell Feingold D yea Herb Kohl D yea


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