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Washington - Reciprocity and Range Protection Legislation are Stalled in Committee

Friday, March 21, 2003


Senate Bill 5083, sponsored by Senator Val Stevens (R-39), is NRA-backed legislation that will establish Right to Carry reciprocity between Washington and other states. SB 5083 is being held in the House Judiciary Committee. The deadline to consider Senate bills in committee is April 4. 

Please call the Judiciary Committee members, and ask for a hearing and a vote on the bill as soon as possible.

House Judiciary Committee Members

Representative Patricia Lantz  (D-26) Chair            (360) 786-7964

Representative Jim Moeller  (D-49)  Vice chair       (360) 786-7872

Representative Mike Carrell  (R-28)                        (360) 786-7958

Representative Lois McMahan  (R-26)                     (360) 786-7802

Representative Tom Campbell (R-2)                        (360) 786-7912

Representative Dennis Flannigan (D-27)                 (360) 786-7930

Representative Steve Kirby (D-29)                          (360) 786-7996

Representative John Lovick (D-44)                         (360) 786-7892

Representative Daniel Newhouse (R-15)                 (360) 786-7874

Senate Bill 5910, sponsored by Senator Pam Roach (R-31) is NRA-backed legislation that will protect Washington`s shooting ranges from reckless lawsuits. SB 5910 is being held in the House Local Government CommitteeAgain, the deadline to consider Senate bills in committee is April 4, so please call the Local Government Committee and ask for a hearing as soon as possible.

House Local Government Committee Members

Representative Sandra Romero  (D-22)  Chair              (360) 786-7940

Representative Dave Upthegrove  (D-33)  Vice Chair    (360) 786-7868

Representative Lynn Schindler  (R-4)                            (360) 786-7984

Representative Fred Jarrett  (R-41)                               (360) 786-7894

Representative John Ahern  (R-6)                                  (360) 786-7962

Representative Jean Berkey  (D-38)                              (360) 786-7840

Representative Judy Clibborn  (D-41)                            (360) 786-7926

Representative Jeanne Edwards  (D-1)                          (360) 786-7900

Representative Doug Ericksen (R-42)                            (360) 786-7980

Representative Tom Mielke (R-18)                                (360) 786-7850

Representative Jim Moeller (D-49)                                (360) 786-7872



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