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NRA-ILA Special Alert - Urge your Representative to Co-Sponsor H.R. 2037

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Urge your Representative to Co-Sponsor H.R. 2037

Congress is on recess this week, so now is a perfect opportunity to support H.R. 2037 in personal communications with your elected Representatives. H.R. 2037 is a bill that seeks to protect our Second Amendment rights by preventing firearms and ammunition manufacturers from being sued for the criminal misuse of their lawful products by third parties. Please take the time to attend any local town hall meetings and/or call the district office of your U.S. Representative to urge him to co-sponsor H.R. 2037. This legislation would amend the Act that established the Department of Commerce, creating a protection for manufacturers and sellers in the firearms and ammunition industry from court-imposed restrictions on interstate or foreign commerce. H.R. 2037 was introduced with 101 original co-sponsors on May 25, 2001.

Those lawmakers listed on the next page are the original co-sponsors of this legislation. If you are a consituent of one of these Representatives, please contact him, or attend any scheduled town hall meetings he is hosting, and thank him for his support. If your U.S. Representative is not on this list, he should be given extra encouragement to add his name to H.R. 2037 as a co-sponsor as soon as possible. We hope to double the number of co-sponsors during the month of June.

Town hall meetings offer a tremendous opportunity for you to support your Second Amendment rights by personally encouraging your U.S. Representative to sign on as a co-sponsor to H.R. 2037.

When Attending A Town Hall Meeting, Please Keep The Following In Mind:

  • Prepare Your Request Ahead Of Time.

  • Get A Direct Answer.
If you don`t receive a direct answer to your request that your lawmaker sign on as a co-sponsor to H.R. 2037, politely and calmly repeat your request.

  • Follow-Up With A Letter. Whether or not you have the opportunity to make your request, follow up with a letter to your lawmaker. Let him know you attended the meeting (include the date and location), and again encourage him to co-sponsor H.R. 2037. By repeating your request in your letter you help ensure that your lawmaker takes you and your views seriously.

  • Encourage Your Family, Friends, and Fellow Second Amendment Supporters to Attend Town Hall Meetings for Their U.S. Representative As Well. Urge them to also encourage their lawmaker to co-sponsor H.R. 2037, and to vote against any gun control legislation that may come up for debate in the future.
  • You may contact your U.S. Representative`s office to find out if he has any town hall meetings scheduled. Finally, when you learn of any town hall meetings for your Representative, please be sure to pass this information along to the ILA Grassroots Division by calling 800-392-8683 or faxing 703-267-3918, so we may alert your fellow NRA members.


    Aderholt, Robert (R-Ala.)Goode, Virgil (I-Va.)Pitts, Joe (R-Pa.)
    Baca, Joe (D-Cal.)Goodlatte, Bob (R-Va.)Radanovich, George (R-Cal.)
    Bachus, Spencer (R-Ala.)Graham, Lindsey (R-S.C.)Rahall, Nick (D-W.V.)
    Ballenger, Cass (R-N.C.)Graves, Sam (R-Mo.)Rehberg, Denny (R-Mont.)
    Barcia, Jim (D-Mich.)Hall, Ralph(D-Tex.)Rogers, Mike (R-Mich.)
    Barr, Bob (R-Ga.)Hansen, Jim (R-Utah)Ross, Mike (D-Ark.)
    Bartlett, Roscoe (R-Md.)Hart, Melissa (R-Pa.)Ryan, Paul (R-Wisc.)
    Barton, Joe (R-Tex.)Hayes, Robin (R-N.C.)Ryun, Jim (R-Kan.)
    Bass, Charlie (R-N.H.)Hefley, Joel (R-Colo.)Sandlin, Max (D-Tex.)
    Bishop, Sanford (D-Ga.)Herger, Wally (R-Cal.)Schaffer, Bob (R-Colo.)
    Blunt, Roy (R-Mo.)Hilleary, Van (R-Tenn.)Schrock, Ed (R-Va.)
    Boucher, Rick (D-Va.)Holden, Tim (D-Pa.)Sensenbrenner, Jim (R-Wisc.)
    Brown, Henry (R-S.C.)Hunter, Duncan (R-Cal.)Sessions, Pete (R-Tex.)
    Bryant, Ed (R-Tenn.)Issa, Darrell (R-Cal.)Shadegg, John (R-Ariz.)
    Burr, Richard (R-N.C.)Istook, Ernest (R-Okla.)Shimkus, John (R-Ill.)
    Burton, Dan (R-Ind.)Jenkins, Bill (R-Tenn.)Shows, Ronnie (D-Miss.)
    Buyer, Steve (R-Ind.)John, Chris (D-La.)Shuster, Bill (R-Pa.)
    Calvert, Ken (R-Cal.)Johnson, Tim (R-Ill.)Simmons, Rob (R-Ct.)
    Cannon, Chris (R-Utah)Jones, Walter (R-N.C.)Simpson, Mike (R-Idaho)
    Cantor, Eric (R-Va.)Keller, Ric (R-Fla.)Skeen, Joe (R-N.M.)
    Carson, Brad (D-Okla.)Kerns, Brian (R-Ind.)Smith, Lamar (R-Tex.)
    Chabot, Steve (R-Ohio)Largent, Steve (R-Okla.)Souder, Mark (R-Ind.)
    Cramer, Bud (D-Ala.)Lucas, Frank (R-Okla.)Stearns, Cliff (R-Fla.)
    Crane, Phil (R-Ill.)Lucas, Ken (D-Ky.)Stenholm, Charlie (D-Tex.)
    Cubin, Barbara (R-Wyo.)Manzullo, Don (R-Ill.)Strickland, Ted (D-Ohio)
    Culberson, John (R-Tex.)Matheson, Jim (D-Utah)Sununu, John (R-N.H.)
    Cunningham, Duke (R-Cal.)Miller, Gary (R-Cal.)Taylor, Gene (D-Miss.)
    Davis, Jo Ann (R-Va.)Ney, Bob (R-Ohio)Terry, Lee (R-Neb.)
    DeLay, Tom (R-Tex.)Norwood, Charlie (R-Ga.)Tiahrt, Todd (R-Kan.)
    DeMint, Jim (R-S.C.)Oberstar, Jim (D-Minn.)Traficant, Jim (D-Ohio)
    Dingell, John (D-Mich.)Otter, Butch (R-Idaho)Walden, Greg (R-Ore.)
    Doolittle, John (R-Cal.)Pence, Mike (R-Ind.)Whitfield, Ed (R-Ky.)
    Flake, Jeff (R-Ariz.)Peterson, John (R-Pa.)Wicker, Roger (R-Miss.)
    Gibbons, Jim (R-Nev.)Pickering, Chip (R-Miss.)Young, Don (R-Alaska)

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