Hawaii: City Council Committee to Consider Resolution Tomorrow to Ease Compliance

Posted on May 13, 2013


Tomorrow, May 14 at 9:00 am, the Honolulu City Council Committee on Public Safety and Economic Development will be hearing Resolution 13-74 requesting the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) to open the Kapolei and Kaneohe Police Stations to firearm permitting and registration in an effort to make the process less time-consuming and more convenient.  Currently, registration and permitting is only offered at the main police station on Beretania Street where the process can take several hours.  While the NRA is firmly opposed to firearm registration, we encourage our members to support this effort to make compliance with current law more convenient.  This meeting will take place tomorrow morning in the Committee Meeting Room at 530 South King Street in Honolulu.

Using the following information, please contact members of the City Council Committee on Public Safety and Economic Development, and respectfully urge them to adopt this resolution:

Carol Fukunaga, Chairman

Phone: (808) 768-5006

E-mail cafukunaga@honolulu.gov


Kymberly Marcos Pine, Vice Chairman

Phone: (808) 768-5001

E-mail  kmpine@honolulu.gov


Ikaika Anderson

Phone:  (808) 768-5003

E-mail ianderson@honolulu.gov



Stanley Chang

Phone:  (808) 768-5004

E-mail ccldistrict4@honolulu.gov


Breene Harimoto

Phone:  (808) 768-5008

E-mail bharimoto@honolulu.gov