Maryland: O’Malley to Join List of Governors Who Will Sign Away Your Rights for Political Gain

Posted on April 5, 2013


Yesterday, in a show of flagrant disregard for the errors rampant in the legislation before them, the Maryland Senate voted 28-19 to concur with House amendments to Senate Bill 281.  Following months of debate over the unconstitutionality and adverse effect of this legislation, Senate Bill 281 now goes to Governor Martin O’Malley (D) for his signature.  With a few pen strokes, O’Malley intends to scribble out the Second Amendment in Maryland – to make the point that his own personal political agenda is more important than protecting the Constitution he is sworn to uphold and the civil rights of Marylanders.

Senate Bill 281 does not contain solutions that will prevent criminals from committing unlawful deeds, nor does it protect the law-abiding residents of Maryland from such criminal acts.   In fact, on multiple occasions, amendments were rejected that would have done just that.  Instead, Senate Bill 281 will disenfranchise those who wish to defend themselves from criminal threats using the most effective and efficient means possible.

During the months leading up to this final vote, Maryland residents came out by the thousands in opposition to Senate Bill 281.  More Second Amendment advocates showed up in Annapolis for rallies than have ever attended in recent memory.  This show of opposition was overlooked by those legislators who blindly bent to the Governor’s pressure and voted in support of Senate Bill 281.  Thank you to those senators and delegates who listened to logic, reason and the voices of their constituents throughout this process and voted in opposition to Senate Bill 281 and its companion, House Bill 294.

Using the contact information provided, please call and e-mail to thank the nineteen state Senators below who helped protect the fundamental rights of Maryland residents by voting against concurrence yesterday.

Senator John C. Astle



Senator David Brinkley



Senator Richard Colburn



Senator James DeGrange Sr.



Senator Roy Dyson



Senator George Edwards



Senator Joseph Getty



Senator Barry Glassman



Senator Nancy Jacobs



Senator J.B. Jennings



Senator Allan Kittleman



Senator Katherine Klausmeier



Senator James Mathias Jr.



Senator Thomas Middleton



Senator E.J. Pipkin



Senator Edward Reilly



Senator Christopher Shank



Senator Bryan Simonaire



Senator Norman Stone Jr.



Further Reading

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    Today, Senate Bill 281 received final approval in the House of Delegates by a  78 to 61 vote.  On the House floor, the bill was made even worse as Delegates stripped out a committee amendment that would have exempted active duty military and veterans under age 21 from the handgun licensing and training requirements.  This extremist anti-gun bill now goes back to the state Senate as soon as TOMORROW MORNING for a concurrence vote on the House amendments.

  • Gun Control Hearings Continue Through the Evening in Maryland

    Right now in Annapolis, members of the House Judiciary and Health and Government Operations Committees are listening to the testimony of the thousands of Marylanders who came to Annapolis to tell their elected officials that they do not support Governor O’Malley’s attack on their Second Amendment rights. 

  • Maryland: Amendments to be Considered for Senate Bill 281

    Despite overwhelming opposition to his extreme gun control scheme contained in Senate Bill 281, Governor Martin O’Malley is desperately using arm-twisting politics and deceptive procedural maneuvers to try and ram through this deeply flawed legislation.  Multiple amendments to Senate Bill 281 are to be considered SOON and could be supported by your state Delegate(s).  It is important that you contact your state Delegate(s) TODAY and urge them to say NO to O’Malley’s political bullying and OPPOSE Senate Bill 281 and all anti-gun amendments.

  • Maryland: Final House Vote on Senate Bill 281 to Take Place TODAY

    Today, Senate Bill 281 will have its final vote on the floor of the House of Delegates.  If passed, this extremist anti-gun bill will go to the state Senate for a concurrence vote on the House amendments.  It is critical that you contact Senate President Mike Miller and strongly urge him to oppose Senate Bill 281.  This is Senator Miller’s final chance to protect the Second Amendment rights of Maryland residents. 

  • Maryland: Second Amendment Supporters Actively Fight Governor’s Gun Grab in Annapolis - Fight Is Far From Over

    Over the past week, thousands of Marylanders took time out of their days and off work to travel to Annapolis and tell elected officials that they oppose Governor O’Malley’s attack on their Second Amendment rights.  The NRA worked with Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association (MSRPA), Maryland Shall Issue (MSI) and Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore (AGC) to coordinate testimony, plan the rally and are continuing to work tirelessly to defeat all anti-gun legislation in Annapolis this year.  The strong turnout for the Second Amendment and the weak showing by the scant supporters of any gun control legislation exposes the dichotomy between Governor O’Malley’s claims and the reality – Marylanders are standing for their civil rights and rejecting gun control!

  • Maryland: Silent Protest at the State House Tomorrow Morning

    Your presence is needed in Annapolis tomorrow morning!  Join fellow Second Amendment supporters at 9:00am in a silent protest at the State House.