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Saturday, April 8, 2000

One Critic Asks, "What if the Gun Nuts are Right?"

Noel Weyrich, journalist for Philadelphia`s "city paper," is hardly a fan of the NRA, but after investigating the ...


Thursday, April 6, 2000

Majority Favors Enforcement Over Control

A recent ABC News public opinion poll shows that a majority of Americans favor strict enforcement of existing ...


Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Commentary on "Government By Lawsuit . . ."

The Washington Post comments on the rash of reckless lawsuits -- some only threatened -- against lawful gun ...


Saturday, April 1, 2000

Feds Considering Antitrust Harassment Of Industry

News sources are reporting that the federal government, prompted by HUD Secretary Cuomo, is considering joining in the ...


Saturday, April 1, 2000

Commentary on Gun Ban Propaganda

Dave Kopel, research director of the Independence Institute, provides an analysis of the propaganda techniques of gun ban ...


Thursday, March 30, 2000

Reseachers Find Little to Support Mandatory Storage

As the annual number of fatal firearm accidents reaches an all-time low in the U.S., research into the ...


Friday, March 24, 2000

Dealers and Buyers Balk at S&W Conditions

Gun dealers and gun purchasers are reading the fine print of Smith & Wesson`s gun control alliance with ...


Thursday, March 16, 2000

Right to Carry in Texas

The Washington Post reports on the record of Texas` Right to Carry law.Read Original at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/


Wednesday, March 15, 2000

News Release from Sen. Thomas on GAO study of NICS

On March 8, 2000 U.S. Sen.Craig Thomas (R-WY) announced the results of a General Accounting Office study he ...


Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Al Gore On Gun Control, Then And Now

Time magazine reports this week that Al Gore`s position on guns has changed over the years. Read Original ...


Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the "lobbying" arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.