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Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. LEOSA

State Controlling Agency


Metropolitan Police Department District of Columbia (MPDC)


Gun Control and Firearms Registration Unit
300 Indiana Ave. N.W.
Room 3058
Washington, D.C. 20001




(202) 727‐4275

State Details

Who Can Qualify

A list of firearms instructors certified by the MPDC who can conduct LEOSA qualification is available from the Gun Control and Firearms Registration Unit, MPDC.


SGT Colin Hall
(202) 727‐4275


Retired Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) who meet LEOSA requirements must obtain a HR‐218 packet from the MPDC, Gun Control and Firearms Registration Unit. The Washington, D.C. application process is as follows:

Retired/separated Law Enforcement Officers need:

1) a photographic identification issued by the agency from which the officer retired from service as a law enforcement officer;

2) a Range Qualification Certificate issued by a MPDC officially sanctioned Firearms Instructor, indicating that the retired LEO was tested and found to meet the standards established by the MPDC for training and qualification for active law enforcement officers to carry a firearm of the same type as the concealed firearm the applicant wishes to be certified to carry.

Non‐MPDC retired LEOs need an official letter on Department Letterhead from the retired LEO’s former department that states the LEO meets the requirements under HR‐218. (A sample letter is contained in the packet.)

Registration Process:

1) The above items must be taken in person to the MPDC, Gun Control and Firearms Registration Unit.

2) Complete a MPDC Firearm Registration Application (PD 219 – D.C. residents only).

3) Complete the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Certificate Application.

4) Submit to being fingerprinted at the Gun Control and Firearms Registration Unit.

5) Pay $35.00 for fingerprinting, and $13.00 for registration processing for each gun permit issued.

It is the responsibility of the retired LEO to maintain his/her annual certification of qualification and the renewal for each registered firearm. The initial application process may take 4 to 8 weeks due to individual employment history, criminal history, and years since retirement/separation. Renewal applications may be completed within an hour.

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