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Maryland LEOSA

State Controlling Agency


Maryland Police and Correction Training Commission


300 East Joppa Road, Suite 1000
Towson, MD 21286


(410) 339‐5000

(877) 379‐8636

State Details

State Law/Regulation/Directive

Police Training Commission Firearms Training and Instructor Certification Regulations, COMAR –

Maryland Additional Requirements:

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Guiding Principles:

“A. Law enforcement agencies are not required to conduct LEOSA training for, or issue LEOSA certification to, their retirees.

B. Retired law enforcement officers may obtain LEOSA certification issued either by the department from which they retired or – if they reside in Maryland ‐ by the State of Maryland. Departments may issue LEOSA certification only to their own retirees. The Department of State Police is the sole State entity authorized to issue LEOSA certification by the State of Maryland.

C. Retired law enforcement officers may obtain LEOSA training from any department or entity, so long as the training meets the MPTC’s standards for approved firearms training and is conducted by MPTC certified firearms instructor(s).

D. Departments may provide LEOSA training to any department’s retired officers. Departments may conduct LEOSA training even if they choose not to issue LEOSA certification.

E. In order to maximize safety both on the firearms range and in public, firearms instructors should perform a safety check on all firearms before they are used on the range.

F. Firearms instructors should restrict firearms holster types used during training and qualification, to those that can be safely used on the range.

G. Because retirees may not have handled a firearm for several years, firearms instructors may provide skills refresher training and additional firearm handling training before conducting live fire.

H. Firearms training for retirees should be conducted separately from active duty officers to avoid giving retirees the impression that they have the same authority as active duty officers.

I. Firearms training for retirees should include instruction on their lack of law enforcement authority and their personal liability for using force; both differ greatly from the authority and liability of active officers.

J. Training for active duty officers must include the department’s policy regarding wearing, carrying, and transporting an agency‐issued firearm or authorized offduty firearm while out of jurisdiction. Training should focus on how to respond if challenged by law enforcement from another jurisdiction.”

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Maryland State Police will only qualify their own retired officers.

Prince Georges Community College

“HR‐218 The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act LEOSA is a program specifically geared for eligible retired law enforcement officers. This program provides attendees with the required classroom instruction and firearms qualification. Upon completion of training and submission of required documents, attendees are provided with a LEOSA identification card. Cost of training for county residents is $82 for one weapon and $102 for two weapons. Additional fees for out of county residents will apply. Cost includes ammunition for .38 and 9mm firearms. Classes held monthly.

In order to qualify the attendee must meet the following criteria:

  • Be retired from a local, state or federal law enforcement agency.
  • had statutory powers of arrest
  • was authorized by law to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution or the incarceration of any person for any violation of law.
  • has separated in good standing with a government agency as a law enforcement officer for an aggregate of ten years or more or
  • separated from such agency due to a service connected disability after completing any applicable probationary period of service.
  • meets the standards established by the agency which require the employees to regularly qualify in the use of the firearm.
  • is not prohibited by federal law from possessing a firearm.

Additional requirements:

“… (2011) Maryland totally revamped the paperwork requirements that enable LEOSA certification, and it required submission of a rather unwieldy 12 or so pages of documentation....

If one's agency does NOT offer LEOSA certification, the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission will qualify eligible personnel. They handle the entire process...including issuance of the LEOSA card that was formerly the responsibility of the Maryland State Police.

And, the paperwork is greatly simplified and only has to be completed once...provided one qualifies at least once every 2 years… …was photographed and paperwork was reviewed.

(Paperwork must be notarized.)

Approximnately 1 hour of classroom instruction… That consisted of a safety review and a discussion of LEOSA requirements/changes, legal update, and related topics. Maryland only offers qualification with one type weapon…. Fired the 30 round day course…Night fire …

Night fire was enabled via use of welding goggles…. Some important notes: Gun and ammo is inspected by MPCTC personnel upon arrival. You are NOT allowed to enter the facility with a live weapon. No foreign manufactured ammo or personal reloads are allowed...Blazer and Wolf ammo are prohibited…(must have 100 rounds of Ammunition) …A written test followed the courses of fire.”

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