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Kansas: House Committee to Vote on Permitless Carry Bill Tuesday

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kansas: House Committee to Vote on Permitless Carry Bill Tuesday

On Tuesday morning, the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs is scheduled to hold a vote on Senate Bill 45, NRA-backed permitless carry legislation.  Your urgent help is needed!  It is critical that you contact members of the Committee and urge them to vote in SUPPORT of SB 45 on Tuesday.

Authored by Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce (R-34), SB 45 recognizes Kansans’ freedom to legally carry a concealed firearm without the burdensome requirement of acquiring a Kansas concealed carry handgun license (CCHL).  SB 45 is a necessary update to concealed carry in Kansas, allowing law-abiding gun owners the ability to better protect themselves and their loved ones.  In Kansas, it is already legal to carry a firearm openly, as long as the individual is not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm.  However, under current law, if a firearm becomes covered by a coat or if a woman prefers to carry a firearm for self-protection in her purse, he or she would need to possess a CCHL. 

This legislation gives Kansans the freedom to choose the best method of carrying for them, based on their attire, gender and/or physical attributes.  However, this legislation would also keep in place the current permitting system so that people who obtain a permit could still enjoy the reciprocity agreements that Kansas has with other states and their NICS exemption when purchasing a new firearm.

Please use the contact information provided below and immediately call and email members of the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs.  Ask them where they stand on this important legislation and urge them to vote in SUPPORT of SB 45.

House Committee on Federal and State Affairs:

Representative Steve Brunk (R-85), Chairman
Phone: 316-744-1547
Email: steve.brunk@house.ks.gov

Representative Travis Couture-Lovelady (R-110), Vice Chairman
Phone: 785 296-4683
Email: travis.couture-lovelady@house.ks.gov

Representative Annie Tietze (D-53), Ranking Minority Member
Phone: 785 296-7668
Email: annie.tietze@house.ks.gov

Representative Steven Becker (R-104)
Phone: 785 296-7196
Email: steven.becker@house.ks.gov

Representative John Bradford (R-40)
Phone: 785 296-7653
Email: john.bradford@house.ks.gov

Representative Stephanie Clayton (R-19)
Phone: 785 296-7548
Email: stephanie.clayton@house.ks.gov

Representative Susan Concannon (R-107)
Phone: 785 296-7677
Email: susan.concannon@house.ks.gov

Representative Bud Estes (R-119)
Phone: 785-296-6287
Email: bud.estes@house.ks.gov

Representative John Ewy (R-117)
Phone: 785 296-7105
Email: john.ewy@house.ks.gov

Representative Lane Hemsley (R-56)
Phone: 785 817-7533
Email: lane.hemsley@house.ks.gov

Representative Broderick Henderson (D-35)
Phone: 785 296-7697
Email: broderick.henderson@house.ks.gov

Representative Brett Hildabrand (R-17)
Phone: 785 296-7331
Email: brett.hildabrand@house.ks.gov

Representative Don Hineman (R-118)
Phone: 785 296-7636
Email: don.hineman@house.ks.gov

Representative Michael Houser (R-1)
Phone: 785 296-7679
Email: michael.houser@house.ks.gov

Representative Dick Jones (R-52)
Phone: 785-296-7483
Email: dick.jones@house.ks.gov

Representative Nancy Lusk (D-22)
Phone: 785 296-7651
Email: nancy.lusk@house.ks.gov

Representative Janice Pauls (R-102)
Phone: 785 296-7688
Email: jan.pauls@house.ks.gov

Representative Marty Read (R-4)
Phone: 785 296-7644
Email: marty.read@house.ks.gov

Representative Joseph Scapa (R-88)
Phone: 785-296-7682
Email:  joseph.scapa@house.ks.gov

Representative James Todd (R-29)
Phone: 785 296-7695
Email: james.todd@house.ks.gov

Representative Kristey Williams (R-77)
Phone: 785-296-3971
Email: kristey.williams@house.ks.gov

Representative John Wilson (D-10)
Phone: 785 296-7652
Email: john.wilson@house.ks.gov

Representative Valdenia Winn (D-34)
Phone: 785 296-7657
Email: valdenia.winn@house.ks.gov

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