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North Carolina: Pro-Hunting Reform to be Heard in Senate Committee Tomorrow

Monday, April 8, 2013

Contact members of the Senate Committee on Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources in support of Senate Bill 201

Senate Bill 201, introduced by state Senator Shirley Randleman (R-20), which would allow for the use of lawfully-possessed suppressors while hunting, has been scheduled to be heard tomorrow, April 9, in the Senate Committee on Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources.

Currently, more than half of the states allow hunters to use suppressors while hunting.  There are numerous benefits to hunting with suppressed firearms that include eliminating noise complaints, increasing the accuracy of hunters, and protecting against hearing loss.  Recently, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming adopted new rules allowing for the use of suppressors when hunting game.  It’s time that hunters in North Carolina are able to enjoy the same opportunities available to sportsmen in more than half of the country.  For more information on hunting with suppressors, click here.

Please contact members of the Senate Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources Committee TODAY and urge them to support S 201.

Sen. Andrew C. Brock (Co-Chairman)
Phone: (919) 715-0690
Email:  Andrew.Brock@ncleg.net

Sen. Brent Jackson (Co-Chairman)
Phone: (919) 733-5705
Email:  Brent.Jackson@ncleg.net

Sen. Bill Cook (Vice Chairman)
Phone: (919) 715-8293
Email:  Bill.Cook@ncleg.net

Sen. Austin M. Allran
Phone: (919) 733-5876
Email:  Austin.Allran@ncleg.net

Sen. Chad Barefoot
Phone: (919) 715-3036
Email:  Chad.Barefoot@ncleg.net

Sen. Stan Bingham
Phone: (919) 733-5665
Email:    Stan.Bingham@ncleg.net

Sen. Angela R. Bryant
Phone: (919) 733-5878
Email:  Angela.Bryant@ncleg.net

Sen. Daniel G. Clodfelter
Phone: (919) 715-8331
Email:  Daniel.Clodfelter@ncleg.net

Sen. Joel D. M. Ford
Phone: (919) 733-5955
Email:  Joel.Ford@ncleg.net

Sen. Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr.
Phone: (919) 733-7223
Email:  Fletcher.Hartsell@ncleg.net

Sen. Eleanor Kinnaird
Phone: (919) 733-5804
Email:  Ellie.Kinnaird@ncleg.net

Sen. Gene McLaurin
Phone: (919) 733-5953
Email:  Gene.McLaurin@ncleg.net

Sen. Ronald J. Rabin
Phone: (919) 733-5748
Email:  Ron.Rabin@ncleg.net

Sen. Bill Rabon
Phone: (919) 733-5963
Email:  Bill.Rabon@ncleg.net

Sen. Shirley B. Randleman
Phone: (919) 733-5743
Email:  Shirley.Randleman@ncleg.net

Sen. Tommy Tucker
Phone: (919) 733-7659
Email:  Tommy.Tucker@ncleg.net

Sen. Trudy Wade
Phone: (919) 733-5856
Email:  Trudy.Wade@ncleg.net

Sen. Michael P. Walters
Phone: (919) 733-5651
Email:  Michael.Walters@ncleg.net

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