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Colorado: CU Leadership Meeting About Your Gun Rights Tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

University of Colorado at Boulder (CU) officials will be meeting for a second time to discuss how the state Supreme Court ruling in March will apply to on-campus policies.

The Supreme Court clearly and decisively ruled that the University’s gun ban was in violation of the Colorado concealed carry law.  Yet, CU leadership continues to dismiss the state’s highest court and overstep their regulatory authority by discussing limiting the rights of permit holders on campus.

We urge you to attend this meeting tomorrow and respectfully urge University officials to uphold the Supreme Court ruling without exception.  The meeting details are as follows:

Wednesday, October 17

Noon – 1:00 p.m.

University Memorial Center – Boulder Campus

Aspen Rooms

If you cannot attend this meeting, please call and e-mail Chancellor Philip DiStefano, Provost Russell Moore and CU counsel John Sleeman to voice your support for self-defense with firearms on campus, as upheld by the state Supreme Court.  Their contact information can be found below:


Philip DiStefano



Russell Moore


Senior Associate Counsel

John Sleeman


Colorado Campus Carry


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