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Mississippi: Board of Supervisors Repeals Portion of Rankin County Ordinance that Created “No Hunting Zones”

Monday, June 6, 2011

In 2009, the Rankin County Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance banning the discharge of firearms inside of and within 500 yards of platted subdivisions, as well as hunting with a bow inside of and within 100 yards of platted subdivisions. This far-reaching ordinance created large “no hunting zones” that extended far beyond subdivision property lines into neighboring tracts of land.  In no way did it account for the property rights of landowners within those boundaries, or for cases in which firearms could safely be discharged on those land tracts with no threat to neighbors.  In response to concerns raised by local NRA members, sportsmen and landowners, the Board amended the ordinance in February of 2010 to change the distance prohibition from 500 yards to 200 yards for firearms.

During the 2010 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature, the NRA worked with representatives of the Mississippi Forestry Association, state Senator Tommy Gollott (R-Biloxi) and state Representative Bo Eaton (D-Taylorsville) to include language in the conference committee report on Senate Bill 2857 that prohibits counties from regulating the discharge of firearms or weapons outside platted subdivisions if the firearms are fired in a manner not reasonably expected to cause projectiles to cross a property line without permission of the property owner.

In response to continued input from local NRA members, sportsmen and landowners, and to conform with state law, the Board voted unanimously at their June 6 meeting to repeal the “no hunting zone” portions of the ordinance which apply to the discharge of firearms or bows outside platted subdivisions.  Such discharge will remain off-limits within platted subdivisions - except in cases of self-defense and the use of a bow strictly for target practice.  Please take a moment to send a note to your Supervisor thanking him or her for amending this ordinance.  Contact information for County Board of Supervisors can be found here



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