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Campus Personal Protection Act To Be Voted On By Texas House Next Week!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Contact Your State Representatives Starting Monday, May 11!

This session of the Texas Legislature is a critical one for gun owners and sportsmen! While NRA-ILA is fighting numerous assaults on the Second Amendment at the federal level, we are also working hard here in the Lone Star State to pass landmark legislation protecting our right to self-defense.

House Bill 1893, sponsored by State Representative Joe Driver (R-Garland) would allow Concealed Handgun Licensees to protect themselves on the campuses of public colleges and universities.  Campus settings are not "crime-free" zones.  Adult students, faculty, staff and visitors who are 21 or older, who pass an extensive state and federal criminal records check, and who complete a rigorous handgun training course, should not be denied their right to self-defense simply because they study, live, work on or visit a college or university campus. CHLs have been lawfully carrying handguns for protection virtually everywhere in Texas for more than a dozen years, and there is no statistical data or evidence that they would suddenly transform into irresponsible criminals if legally allowed to enter a college or university setting.  

This important self-defense reform needs to pass this year, before the anti-gun extremists in Washington gain momentum that filters down to the state level.  Please call and email your State Representatives and urge them to SUPPORT HB 1893 on the House floor and to OPPOSE any amendments not supported by the bill sponsor.   

Texas House of Representatives

JA or CA=Indicates Joint-Author or Co-Author on Bills as of 5/8

Please remember to thank JAs & CAs for their support!

You may also send EMAIL to House Members by visiting



001 Stephen Frost (Atlanta                   x0692             CA 

002 Dan Flynn (Van)                                   x0880             CA

003 Mark Homer (Paris)                             x0650             CA

004 Betty Brown (Terrell)                          x0458             CA

005 Bryan Hughes (Mineola)                    x0271             CA

006 Leo Berman (Tyler)                             x0584             CA

007 Tommy Merritt (Longview)                x0750             JA

008 Byron Cook (Corsicana)                     x0730             CA

009 Wayne Christian (Center)                  x0556             CA

010 Jim Pitts (Waxahachie)                      x0516

011 Chuck Hopson (Jacksonville)            x0592             CA

012 Jim McReynolds (Lufkin)                    x0490             JA

013 Lois Kolkhorst (Brenham)                  x0600             JA

014 Fred Brown (College Station)            x0698

015 Rob Eissler  (The Woodlands)            x0797             CA

016 Brandon Creighton (Conroe           x0726  

017 Tim Kleinschmidt (Lexington)           x0682             CA

018 John Otto (Dayton)                             x0570             CA

019 Mike Hamilton (Mauriceville)            x0412             CA

020 Dan Gattis (Georgetown)                   x0309             CA

021 Allan Ritter (Nederland)                     x0706  

022 Joe Deshotel (Beaumont)                  x0662             CA

023 Craig Eiland (Galveston)                    x0502  

024 Larry Taylor (Friendswood)               x0729             CA

025 Dennis Bonnen (Angleton)                x0564             CA

026 Charlie Howard (Sugar Land          x0710             CA

027 Dora Olivo (Rosenberg)                      x0494  

028 John Zerwas (Richmond)                   x0657             CA

029 Randy Weber (Pearland)                    x0707             CA

030 Geanie Morrison (Victoria)                 x0456  

031 Ryan Guillen (Rio Grande City        x0416             CA

032 Todd Hunter (Corpus Christi)            x0672             CA

033 Solomon Ortiz, Jr. (Corpus)               x0484             JA

034 Abel Herrero (Robstown)                   x0462             CA

035 Yvonne Gonzalez-Toureilles (Alice) x0645  

036 Kino Flores (Mission)                          x0704  

037 Rene Oliveira (Brownsville)               x0640

038 Eddie Lucio (Brownsville)                  x0606             CA

039 Armando Martinez (Weslaco)           x0530             CA

040 Aaron Pena (Edinburg)                       x0426             CA

041 Veronica Gonzales (McAllen)            x0578  

042 Richard Raymond ( Laredo)               x0558

043 Tara Rios-Ybarra (S. Padre Islandx0463              CA

044 Edmund Kuempel  (Seguin)               x0602             CA

045 Patrick Rose (Dripping Springs)        x0647  

046 Dawnna Dukes (Austin)                      x0506

047 Valinda Bolton (Austin)                      x0652

048 Donna Howard (Austin)                      x0631

049 Elliott Naishtat (Austin)                      x0668 

050 Mark Strama (Austin)                         x0821

051 Eddie Rodriguez (Austin)                   x0674

052 Diana Maldonado (Rnd Rock)             x0670  

053 Harvey Hilderbran (Kerrville          x0536             CA

054 Jimmie Don Aycock (Killeen           x0684             CA

055 Ralph Sheffield (Temple)                    x0630             CA

056 Doc Anderson (Waco)                         x0135             CA

057 Jim Dunnam (Chilton)                         x0508  

058 Rob Orr (Burleson)                              x0538             CA

059 Sid Miller (Stephenville)                     x0628             CA

060 Jim Keffer (Eastland)                          x0656             CA

061 Phil King  (Weatherford)                     x0738             CA

062 Larry Phillips (Sherman)                    x0297             CA

063 Tan Parker (Flower Mound)               x0688             CA

064 Myra Crownover (Denton)                x0582

065 Burt Solomons (Carrollton)               x0478  

066 Brian McCall (Plano)                            x0594  

067 Jerry Madden (Richardson)               x0544             CA

068 Rick Hardcastle (Vernon)                   x0526  

069 David Farabee (Wichita Falls)           x0534  

070 Ken Paxton (McKinney)                      x0356             CA

071 Susan King (Abilene)                           x0718             CA

072 Drew Darby  (San Angelo)                  x0331             CA

073 Doug Miller (New Braunfels)              x0325             CA 

074 Pete Gallego (Alpine)                          x0566  

075 Chente Quintanilla (Tornillo)             x0613             CA

076 Norma Chavez (El Paso)                    x0622    

077 Marisa Marquez (El Paso)                  x0638  

078 Joseph Moody (El Paso)                     x0728  

079 Joe Pickett (El Paso)                           x0596 

080 Tracy King (Batesville)                       x0194             CA

081 Tryon Lewis (Odessa)                         x0546  

082 Tom Craddick (Midland)                     x0500

083 Delwin Jones (Lubbock)                     x0542

084 Carl Isett (Lubbock)                            x0676             CA

085 Joe Heflin (Crosbyton)                       x0604    

086 John Smithee (Amarillo)                    x0702             CA

087 David Swinford (Dumas)                    x0470             CA

088 Warren Chisum (Pampa)                    x0736             CA

089 Jodie Laubenberg (Parker)                x0186             CA

090 Lon Burnam (Fort Worth)                   x0740  

091 Kelly Hancock (N. Rich. Hills)            x0599             CA

092 Todd Smith (Euless)                            x0522             CA

093 Paula Pierson (Arlington)                   x0562  

094 Diane Patrick (Arlington)                    x0624  

095 Marc Veasey (Fort Worth)                x0716

096 Chris Turner (Burleson)                      x0374

097 Mark Shelton (Fort Worth)                x0608             CA

098 Vicki Truitt (Keller)                              x0690             CA

099 Charlie Geren (Fort Worth)               x0610             CA

100 Terri Hodge (Dallas)                            x0586  

101 Robert Miklos (Mesquite)                   x0464             CA

102 Carol Kent (Dallas)                              x0454

103 Rafael Anchia (Dallas)                       x0746  

104 Roberto Alonzo (Dallas)                     x0408

105 Linda Harper-Brown (Irving)             x0641             CA

106 Kirk England (Grand Prairie)              x0694             CA

107 Allen Vaught (Dallas)                         x0244             CA

108 Dan Branch (Dallas)                            x0367

109 Helen Giddings (DeSoto)                    x0953

110 Barbara Mallory Caraway (Dallas)   x0664

111 Yvonne Davis (Dallas)                        x0598

112 Angie Chen Button (Garland          x0486             CA

113 Joe Driver (Garland)                            x0574             Sponsor

114 Will Hartnett (Dallas)                          x0576

115 Jim Jackson (Carrollton)                    x0468             CA

116 Trey Martinez Fischer (San Antonio) x0616  

117 David Leibowitz (Helotes)                 x0269  

118 Joe Farias (San Antonio)                    x0714  

119 Roland Gutierrez (San Antonio)        x0452

120 Ruth Jones McClendon (San Antonio) x0708  

121 Speaker Joe Straus (SA)                    x1000  

122 Frank Corte, Jr. (San Antonio)          x0646             CA

123 Mike Villarreal (San Antonio)             x0532

124 Jose Menendez (San Antonio)          x0634 

125 Joaquin Castro (San Antonio)           x0669

126 Patricia Harless (Spring)                    x0496    

127 Joe Crabb (Atascocita)                       x0520             CA

128 Wayne Smith (Baytown)                    x0733             CA

129 John Davis (Houston)                         x0734             CA

130 Allen Fletcher (Tomball)                     x0661             CA

131 Alma Allen (Houston)                         x0744  

132 Bill Callegari (Houston)                      x0528             CA

133 Kristi Thibaut (Houston)                     x0514

134 Ellen Cohen (Houston)                       x0389

135 Gary Elkins (Houston)                         x0722             CA

136 Beverly Woolley (Houston)               x0696

137 Scott Hochberg (Houston)                 x0492

138 Dwayne Bohac (Houston)                  x0727  

139 Sylvester Turner (Houston)               x0554

140 Armando Walle (Houston)                x0924  

141 Senfronia Thompson (Houston)        x0720

142 Harold Dutton (Houston)                   x0510

143 Ana Hernandez (Houston)                 x0614

144 Ken Legler (Pasadena)                       x0460             CA

145 Carol Alvarado (Houston)                  x0732

146 Al Edwards (Houston)                         x0518

147 Garnet Coleman (Houston)               x0524

148 Jessica Farrar (Houston)                   x0620  

149 Hubert Vo (Houston)                          x0568

150 Debbie Riddle (Tomball)                     x0572             CA

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