Issues by Topic: Self Defense/Castle Doctrine

September 19, 2014

NBC Offers Repellent Advice on Appeasing Home Invaders

Americans have a constitutional right to armed self-defense, but they have other choices as well.  The University of Colorado, for example, last year offered the students it sought to disarm with statewide legislation other “crime prevention tactics.”  Options for female students facing rapists included passive resistance,” biting, and self-degradation.  According to one proponent of the bill to ban the lawful carrying of firearms on campuses, such threats are “why we have the whistles.” 

February 19, 2014

Florida House Subcommittee Stands Firm On Self-Defense

On November 7, 2013, the Florida House Criminal Justice Subcommittee held a five-hour hearing on HB 4003, which would repeal the state’s Stand Your Ground law. Stand Your Ground laws—under which persons who are not otherwise engaged in criminal or provoking acts can defend themselves without first having to retreat from their assailants—have come under attack by those who would do away with the right of self-defense altogether. Echoing a discredited refrain that unfortunately seems to be making a recent comeback, critics of the law insist that ordinary Americans cannot be trusted to exercise their rights because of intrinsic biases.  

February 1, 2014

In The Blink of an Eye

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wanted to be first. He wanted the “toughest gun-control laws in the nation.” He wanted to use the horror from Sandy Hook Elementary to massively restrict the constitutional rights of citizens who live in New York. He knew he couldn’t afford time for debate. And he got his way. The hastily written SAFE Act passed the New York Senate on Jan. 14, 2013, and the State Assembly the very next day. Cuomo signed the bill into law just a half-hour after it passed the legislature.

November 1, 2013

No Duty To Protect

As NRA members, one of our key roles in defending liberty is to educate people who have little understanding of the real meaning of the Second Amendment. And often our responsibility is to dissect the biggest lies of the gun-ban crowd—among them, the notion that individuals don’t need guns to protect themselves because that’s the job of the police.   “… a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen.”

April 1, 2012

"Castle Doctrine" Legislation: Protecting Your Right to Protect Yourself

A long-standing Oklahoma law states that a homicide is justifiable when in defense of one’s self or one’s child against a violent felony, including one within the home. However, while that might appear to provide perfect legal protection to many individuals who defend themselves against criminals, such is not the case.

December 3, 2009

Overturned Murder Conviction Will Stand for Arizona Man Who Used a Firearm in Self-Defense

An Arizona man who spent nearly three years in prison for justifiably shooting a man in self-defense is now free and clear of all guilt in his case. This week the Arizona Supreme Court let stand the state appellate court’s decision to overturn Harold Fish’s second-degree murder conviction. The National Rifle Association provided assistance in this case. NRA’s Office of General Counsel advised Fish’s defense counsel, and the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund provided financial aid for Fish’s defense.

July 14, 2009

Arizona’s Governor Signs Five Key Pieces of Legislation for Gun Owners

Fairfax, Va. – This week Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law five key pieces of legislation that will protect and strengthen the rights of law-abiding gun owners in her state...

July 1, 2009

Disarming Citizens: On Land And At Sea

Recently, demanding a harsh new federal ban on semi-automatic firearms, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell evoked the defining argument of the gun-ban movement--their twisted confusion between good and evil.

July 1, 2009

"20/20" Turns a Blind Eye on Self-Defense

As big media mounts an attack on gun owners’ rights, a TV “news” magazine mocks your ability to defend yourself.

June 3, 2009

NRA Appeals Seventh Circuit Ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court

Fairfax, Va. – Today, the National Rifle Association filed a petition for certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of NRA v. Chicago. The NRA strongly disagrees with yesterday's decision issued by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, holding that the Second Amendment does not apply to state and local governments.

April 11, 2008

Standing Guard: Barack Obama's Slippery Oratory

To understand Barack Obama on the Second Amendment, you have to know about the clash of character between the then-Chicago state senator and an ordinary citizen who exercised his right to armed self-defense in violation of a local gun ban.

April 3, 2008

Self-Defense is a Basic Human Right

As the Supreme Court deliberates whether or not the District of Columbia’s 30-year-old gun ban is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment, a deep background look is critical to understanding what is at stake in terms of our personal liberties and the rights that ensure them.

July 3, 2007

Missouri Governor Signs Castle Doctrine, Hunting Preservation Bills into Law

Fairfax, VA— Fairfax, VA- In a fly-around tour across Missouri today, the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) chief lobbyist Chris W. Cox joined Governor Matt Blunt at bill signing ceremonies...

April 27, 2007

North Dakota Governor John Hoeven Signs “Castle Doctrine” into Law

Fairfax, VA. -- North Dakota Governor John Hoeven signed the National Rifle Association (NRA)-backed “Castle Doctrine” bill (HB1319) this week, bringing common sense self-defense protections...

March 20, 2007

Texas Legislature Votes NRA-Backed“Castle Doctrine” into Law

Fairfax, VA. ¾ The Texas State Legislature today gave final approval to the National Rifle Association (NRA)-backed “Castle Doctrine” bill (SB 378), bringing common sense self-defense...

January 31, 2007

Texas Legislature To Consider "Castle Doctrine"Self-Defense Bill for the Upcoming Session

  Fairfax, VA— The Texas State Legislature is poised and ready to consider National Rifle Association (NRA)-backed "Castle Doctrine" legislation in the upcoming legislative session,...

July 28, 2006

This Train Keeps a Rollin`

With the NRA at the switch, the Castle Doctrine continues chugging throughout the nation, reuniting Americans with the right to protect themselves and loved ones from danger.

July 20, 2006

NRA-Backed Castle Doctrine Bills Become Law in Michigan

Fairfax, VA-Today Governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law a package of six self-defense bills backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), bringing "Castle Doctrine" protections...

June 22, 2006

Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski Signs NRA-Backed Castle Doctrine Bill Into Law

Fairfax, VA-Governor Frank Murkowski has signed the National Rifle Association (NRA)-backed “Castle Doctrine” self-defense bill into law in Alaska.  “I want to thank Governor Frank...

May 12, 2006

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry SignsNRA-Backed Castle Doctrine Bill Into Law

Fairfax, VA—Today Governor Brad Henry signed the National Rifle Association (NRA)-backed “Castle Doctrine” self-defense bill into law.   “I want to thank Governor Brad Henry for...

April 4, 2006

Governor Riley Signs Alabama “Castle Doctrine” into Law

Fairfax, VA – Today, Governor Bob Riley of Alabama signed the National Rifle Association (NRA)-backed “Castle Doctrine” bill (SB 283) into law.  Senator Larry Means and Representative...

March 28, 2006

Governor Barbour Signs Castle Doctrine, Other NRA-Backed Gun Provisions Into Law

  Fairfax, VA-Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has signed two of the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) priority bills into law; SB 2426, the "Castle Doctrine" self-defense bill,...

March 24, 2006

Indiana Becomes Third State to Make “Castle Doctrine” The Law of the Land

  Fairfax, VA—Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has signed Indiana’s “Castle Doctrine” self-defense bill into law, making Indiana the third state to recognize the “Castle Doctrine” as...

February 6, 2006

Fortifying The Right To Self-Defense

"Law is order, and good law is good order,"Aristotle said. Without doubt, Florida's recently enacted "Castle Doctrine" law is good law, casting a common-sense light onto the debate over the right of self-defense. It reverses the pendulum that for too long has swung in the direction of protecting the rights of criminals over the rights of their victims. Despite predictable howling from the anti-gun media elite that Florida was taking an unprecented and dangerous action, in truth it joined 24 other states that reject "duty-to-retreat" laws.

June 8, 2003

Armed Citizens & Crime Control

Research by award-winning criminologist Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz reveals Americans use guns for self-defense as often as 2.5 million times a year--that`s three to five times more often than they are misused by criminals.