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  • FBI Arrests Anti-Gun California Senator on Firearm Trafficking Charges

    Being good Americans, we take the position that anyone who is arrested and charged with multiple crimes is innocent until proven guilty. That's more than California state senator Leland Yee (D) has done for gun owners in the past.

  • Outrage of the Week: RI State Senator tells Second Amendment Supporter to "Go *Bleep* Yourself"

    This week's outrage comes to us by way of Rhode Island; from the Rhode Island State House, as a matter of fact.  It was there, at the State House, that State Sen. Josh Miller (D-Cranston, Warwick) had one of those defining moments.  Something along the lines of Michael Dukakis and the tank ad, or Howard Dean and the infamous scream.  Only this was different, in that it was disgraceful--not only to Sen. Miller, but to his office and the people he serves.  And, it offers insight into the kind of politician, and person, Miller is.

  • For Gun Controllers Honesty is NOT the Best Policy

    Last Friday, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) expressed to the audience of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher that he hopes the Democratic Party come outs, not just in favor of more gun control, but against the Second Amendment itself. This is merely the latest episode of an elected official pulling back the curtain on the extreme contempt with which some politicians view the Second Amendment. 

  • "News" Magazines Pretend Murthy Confirmation is a Public Health Imperative

    Defensive gun uses far outnumber suicides with guns and the availability of guns has no effect on suicide rates. Nevertheless, from time to time over the last 28 years, gun control supporters have tried to discourage people from owning guns by suggesting that gun suicides outnumber defensive gun uses.