Connecticut: Weston Board of Selectmen Want to Ban Most Tools for Self-Defense—This Includes Slingshots and Compound Bows!

Posted on January 10, 2013


Unless you obtain a permit to own your lawfully possessed firearms, and register each firearm with the town chief of police, you will be subject to a $500 fine under this ordinance!

The Weston Board of Selectmen is currently pursuing an extremely restrictive ordinance that would severely infringe on your Second Amendment rights, subject Weston residents to egregious fines for possessing lawful items under state law, and inhibit your inherent right to self-defense.

This ordinance, as currently draftedwould ban the ownership and possession of any “firearm or other weapon” in the Town of Westonunless one obtains a permit for the ownership of these lawfully possessed items and registers them with the chief of police.  While no licensing and registration fees have been put forward yet, we can be certain that is a very costly endeavor, and it will be paid for by you. 

This ordinance defines “other weapon” to include air guns, longbows, crossbows, slingshots, and “other implements that impel with force a projectile of any kind.”  Therefore, if enacted as written, in order to even possess a slingshot in Weston, you will need to obtain a permit of ownership and register the slingshot with the chief of police!  If you fail to comply, you will be subject to a $500 fine.

It is unclear how the licensing and registration scheme will apply to visitors and whether those passing through the town will be subject to these regulations.  As those in neighboring communities might be unaware of changes to the local ordinance, an unassuming trip to the Weston Gun Club to target shoot could be deemed an illegal activity.

Furthermore, this drafted ordinance would drastically infringe on your inherent right to self-defense. Connecticut statute provides protections for individuals using physical force in defense of oneself and third parties.  However, this ordinance runs contrary to state law and only provides protections to “a person acting to protect his or her person.”

Not only is the Weston Board of Selectmen attempting to severely limit your Right to Keep and Bear Arms, they are attempting to remove your ability to protect yourself and loved ones.   If the rest of Connecticut is afforded the same protections under state law, why are town Selectmen trying to exclude residents of Weston and turn them into defenseless victims?

This ordinance also mandates that residents must keep their firearms “in a securely locked box constructed of steel or similar material.”  Again, this is another micro-managing attempt by town Selectmen to limit the rights of law-abiding citizens.  Everyone knows that firearms must be stored safety, particularly when housed with children, but it is NOT the Board’s business to dictate how people store things in their homes.

Not only does this proposal disenfranchise the average law-abiding citizen, it places cruel and onerous restrictions on physically disabled members of the population.  Connecticut law permits the use of crossbows for the taking of game by disabled hunters.  However, this proposal put forth by the Board of Selectmen will ban crossbows for the disabled, many of whom are veterans, unless they submit to discriminatory fees, licensing and registration requirements.

The Board of Selectmen will meet on Thursday, January 17 to discuss and consider this ordinance.  If able, please attend this meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the meeting room of the Town Hall located at 56 Norfield Road in Weston.

Leg-Ribbon-Contact If you cannot attend the meeting in person, please call AND e-mail Town Selectmen TODAY and tell them to stop infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens.  Their contact information can be found below. Ribbon-Line

First Selectman, Gayle Weinstein • 203-222-2656  •

Selectman, David Glenn Muller       • 203-226-6588  •

Selectman, Dennis H. Tracey III    • 203-227-2293  •


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