Mississippi: Harrison County Range Needs Your Support – Help Make This Premier Shooting Range Facility a Reality

Posted on June 15, 2012


The proposed local Range 53 could be one of the premier shooting facilities in the country, offering state-of-the-art indoor (pistol, archery, virtual) and outdoor (rifle, pistol, trap, 5-stand and archery) ranges to be open year-round.  It would have a down-home, yet country club-feel to it, with the planned inclusion of a pro shop and full-service restaurant.  The owners have spent nine years and more than a half-million dollars to make this a reality.  But despite their dedication to ensuring the range’s full compliance with local, state and federal requirements, the future of the range remains uncertainYour help is needed to save Range 53!

Range 53 is currently under threat by neighbors who live over a mile away and who are crying NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard.  These opponents are also claiming they were not provided adequate notice of the project, even though notice was published in the newspaper and letters were mailed out to these same residents in compliance with local requirements.  Construction and development plans have been approved by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors on four separate occasions.  All of the necessary permits have been obtained from federal and state agencies.  Sound tests have shown that operations would be in compliance with county noise ordinances.  Additionally, extensive baffling and the surrounding pine trees would provide significant additional noise abatement.   No range will be open without a certified training officer on hand and security guards will be on-site 24-7.  Beyond being a facility that would provide first-rate services to the entire community, Range 53 is clearly a business that is in full compliance with the law and one that does not deserve to be brought to an end due to unsubstantiated claims. 

Here’s how you can help save this premier shooting range facility and guarantee that you, your family, friends and fellow gun owners have a world-class place to safely train with firearms and shoot recreationally in the future in Harrison County:

 1.  Contact members of the Board of Supervisors and urge them to approve the continued construction and development of Range 53. Contact information can be found below.

 2.  Attend the next meeting of the Board of Supervisors at 9:30am on Monday, July 2, in the Board Meeting Room of the First Judicial District Courthouse in Gulfport and voice your support for Range 53.

3.  Go online to www.range53.com and sign the petition in support of the facility.  Please pass this link along to as many Second Amendment supporters as you can.  Also visit the range’s Facebook page and “like” Range 53 today by clicking here.


Harrison County Board of Supervisors:


District 1: W.S. “Windy” Swetman

District 2: Kim Savant

District 3: Marlin Ladner

District 4: William Martin

District 5: Connie Rocko