Delaware: “Gun Owner Privacy Act” To Be Heard Tuesday!

Posted on April 6, 2009


Please Contact Your State Senator Immediately!

In response to the Delaware State Police maintaining a list of firearm purchasers, State Senator Bruce Ennis (D-14) introduced Senate Bill 29, the “Gun Owners Privacy Act.”

SB 29 would prohibit the creation, sale or distribution of lists and information about firearms and their owners not authorized or required by law. It would create civil remedies for governmental invasion of privacy. 

SB29 would also give the Attorney General the power to investigate any suspected violations, set and enforce penalties, and even grant compensation when necessary.

This bill will go before the full Senate on Tuesday, April 7.  It is paramount that you contact your State Senator and respectfully urge him or her to support SB 29. 

Senator Thurman Adams Jr. (D-19)
(302) 744-4286

Senator Patricia M. Blevins (D-7)
(302) 744-4133

Senator Colin R. J. Bonini (R-16)
(302) 744-4169

Senator George H. Bunting Jr. (D-20)
(302) 744-4286

Senator Brian J. Bushweller (D-17)
(302) 744-4162

Senator Catherine L. Cloutier (R-5)
(302) 744-4197

Senator Dori Connor (R-12)
(302) 744-4164

Senator Nancy W. Cook (D-15)
(302) 744-4237    

Senator Anthony J. DeLuca (D-11)
(302) 744-4165

Senator Bruce C. Ennis (D-14)
(302) 744-4310

Senator Bethany A. Hall-Long (D-10)
(302) 744-4286

Senator Margaret Rose Henry (D-2)
(302) 744-4191

Senator Michael S. Katz (D-4)
(302) 744-4286

Senator Robert I. Marshall (D-3)
(302) 744-4168

Senator David B. McBride (D-13)
(302) 744-4167

Senator Harris B. McDowell III (D-1)
(302) 744-4147 

Senator Karen E. Peterson (D-9)
(302) 744-4163

Senator F. Gary Simpson (R-18)
(302) 744-4134

Senator David P. Sokola (D-8)
(302) 744-4139;

Senator Liane M. Sorenson (R-6)
(302) 744-4136

Senator Robert L. Venables Sr. (D-21)
(302) 744-4298