Louisiana Senate Protects our Second Amendment Right!

Posted on April 14, 2006



House Committee to Hold Hearing on Your Right to Self-Defense!

Tuesday, April 11, the State Senate passed unanimously NRA-backed Senate Bill 93 sponsored by Senator Joe McPherson (D-29) on a 39-0 vote.  SB 93 amends the state's emergency powers act to prohibit the seizure and confiscation of legally possessed firearms in the unfortunate event of another natural disaster in the State of Louisiana. 

Please contact your State Senators and thank them for passing this important measure. 


After canceling this past week's meeting, the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will hold hearings on Wednesday, April 19, on the following House versions of measures to end New Orleans-style gun confiscations during a state of emergency:


  • HB 36 by Representative Pete Schneider (R-90)
  • HB 136 by Representative Troy Hebert (D-49)
  • HB 172 by Representative Danny Martiny (R-79)
  • HB 760 by Representative Steve Scalise (R-82)


Please contact the members of the committee and ask them to support these measures.  A list of House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee members can be found below.



House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee


Chairman Danny Martiny (R-Metairie)

E-mail:  larep079@legis.state.la.us


Vice-Chairman Alex Heaton (D-New Orleans)

E-mail:  larep095@legis.state.la.us


Representative Damon Baldone (D-53)

E-mail:  larep053@legis.state.la.us


Representative Charlie DeWitt (D-25)

E-mail:  larep025@legis.state.la.us

Representative Beverly Bruce (D-07)

E-mail:  larep007@legis.state.la.us


Representative Eric LaFleur (D-38)

E-mail:  larep038@legis.state.la.us

Representative Roy Burrell (D-02)

E-mail:  larep002@legis.state.la.us


Representative Art Morrell (D-97)

E-mail:  larep097@legis.state.la.us

Representative Don Cazayoux (D-18)

E-mail:  larep18@legis.state.la.us


Representative Errol "Romo" Romero (D-48)

E-mail:  larep048@legis.state.la.us

Representative Don Cravins (D-40)

E-mail:  larep040@legis.state.la.us


Representative Jane Smith (R-08)

E-mail:  larep008@legis.state.la.us

Representative Warren Triche (D-55)

E-mail:  larep055@legis.state.la.us


Representative Mack "Bodi" White (R-64)

E-mail:  larep064@legis.state.la.us

Representative Ernest Wooton (D-105)

E-mail:  larep105@legis.state.la.us



To contact your state lawmakers, call the PULS line at (225) 342-2456 (from the Baton Rouge area) or (800) 256-3793 (outside the Baton Rouge area). 


The House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will also consider House Bill 89 by Representative Eric LaFleur (D-38) and Representative Troy Hebert (D-49), NRA-supported legislation making important clarifications to Louisiana's "no duty to retreat" self-defense law.  HB 89 creates a presumption that if a criminal attempts to forcibly enter your home, car or business, that he or she is there to cause death or serious bodily injury and you may meet force with force -- including deadly force -- to protect yourself and your family. 


It is unreasonable for victims of a crime to have to worry about being

arrested if they use force to defend themselves or their family!