Arkansas: Numerous Pro-Gun Bills Need Your Help Today!

Posted on March 13, 2009


Time is quickly running out on the legislative session in Arkansas, and several bills still need your help.  Friday, April 10, is the adjournment date for the General Assembly (we mistakenly reported it was Friday, March 20), so there will soon be no time left for action on all of the NRA-supported measures below.  Your efforts to pass these bills is critical at this time. For more information about these bills and how to take action on their behalf, please click here.

Efforts to revive House Bill 1237 continue.  This bill would allow churches to decide whether to allow concealed carry in their facilities. 

This legislation seeks to correct both an infringement on the right to self-defense, as well as an infringement on the rights of churches to establish their own policies relating to their privately-owned property.  HB 1237 stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee, but thanks to the efforts of its author, pro-gun State Representative Beverly Pyle (R-83), the legislation remains viable. 

Please continue to contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to work with Representative Pyle to pass this important piece of legislation.  Committee members can be contacted through the email addresses listed below or via phone at (501) 682-2902.

State Senator Ed Wilkinson (D-6), Chairman 

State Senator Ruth Whitaker (R-3), Vice Chair

State Senator Hank Wilkins, IV (D-5)

State Senator Jim Luker (D-17)

State Senator Sue Madison (D-7)

State Senator Jerry Taylor (D-23)

State Senator Robert Thompson (D-11)

State Senator David Johnson (D-32)

In addition, NRA continues to work to ensure the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 3, sponsored by State Senator Steve Farris (D-27).  SJR3 seeks to amend the Constitution of the State of Arkansas to recognize that citizens of the state have a right to hunt and fish.  SJR 3 needs as many supporters in the General Assembly as possible, so please contact your State Senator and State Representative and urge them to support SJR 3.  Their contact info can be found here.

Another pro-gun bill, Senate Bill 768, also needs your help.  SB 768, introduced by State Senator Jerry Taylor (D-23), would remove the ability of local units of government to restrict our Right to Keep and Bear Arms during a declared state of emergency, such as occurred following Hurricane Katrina.  Without the passage of SB 768, local governments could easily restrict your ability to lawfully carry or transport a firearm during a declared state of emergency.  This legislation has been assigned to the Senate City, County, and Local Affairs Committee, so please contact members of that committee and urge them to pass SB 768.

State Senator Sue Madison (D-7)

State Senator Robert Thompson (D-11)

State Senator Tracy Steele (D-34)

State Senator Jack Crumbly (D-16)

State Senator David Johnson (D-32)

State Senator Cecile Bledsoe (R-8) 

State Senator Johnny Key (R-1)

State Senator Joyce Elliott (D-33)

Finally, on Friday, March 6, House Bill 1623, introduced by State Representative Randy Stewart (D-23), overwhelmingly passed out of the House by a vote of 98 to 1.  HB 1623 is now in the Senate, and has been assigned to the Senate State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee.

This legislation was drafted in response to the invasion of Right-to-Carry permit holders’ privacy when a list of permittees was published online, and it will make private the personal information of all Right-to-Cary permit holders.  HB 1623 allows for the list to be accessed only by law enforcement agencies for the purpose of assisting with a criminal investigation or prosecution, or for determining the validity of, or eligibility for, a license. 

Please contact members of the Senate State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee and urge them to support this critical reform. 

State Senator Steve Faris (D-12)

State Senator Gilbert Baker (R-30)

State Senator Ed Wilkinson (D-6)

State Senator Steve Bryles (D-15)

State Senator Kim Hendren (R-9)

State Senator Randy Laverty (D-2)

State Senator Bobby Glover (D-28)

State Senator Bill Pritchard (R-35)

Time is running out, so it is critical you work to help pass these critical reforms.  Urge your family, friends, and fellow sportsmen to get involved and contact their lawmakers, too.