NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Vol. 20, No. 33 08/23/2013

New York Times: Burden More Gun Buyers with "Woefully Flawed" FBI Checks

In a scathing editorial published August 18, titled, A Flawed Background-Check System, the New York Times takes to task the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the detrimental effect the agency’s inability to conduct accurate checks has had on job seekers. The Times notes that “F.B.I. background checks are widely viewed as the gold standards but are in fact woefully flawed, often based on fallible and incomplete data.” Of particular concern to the editorial board are inaccurate or incomplete records of those who were arrested, but not convicted, or those who had their cases dismissed or expunged. The Times cites “examples of workers who were either turned away from jobs or fired based on faulty F.B.I. background information,” and contends that the system has caused some to be “unfairly locked out of the job market.”



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His Group Honored the Boston Bomber


A Good Reason Why Congress Shouldn't Fund Gun Control Research

It’s no news that the NRA supports not only the Second Amendment, but also other parts of the Bill of Rights, including the First Amendment’s protection of the right to express one’s political opinion. That was made that pretty clear in the debate over Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, in which the Supreme Court ultimately struck down restrictions on the ability of the NRA and other groups to speak freely during the days and weeks preceding elections.

So, NRA supports the constitutionally protected right of the anti-gun group, Washington Ceasefire, to buy advertisements mounted on the sides of city buses in Seattle, saying “Think twice about having a gun in your home. There is a 22x greater chance of killing a family member or friend versus an intruder.”


What a Difference a Year Makes

With apologies to the late, great Dinah Washington, who popularized María Graver’s fine song, What a Difference a Day Makes, we marvel at what a difference a year has made for Josh Horwitz, of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, formerly known as the National Coalition to Ban Handguns.

Last year, Horwitz told Sally Sara, an Australian reporter for ABC News, “I think the proliferation of firearms has made us more dangerous.” How many times have we heard that sort of line from the anti-gun crowd, as violent crime rates have plummeted to their lowest point in decades?

But this month, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that Horwitz has changed his tune, pardon the pun. Now, instead of claiming that violent crime correlates to the number of guns owned by the American people, Horwitz claims that crime correlates to the number of guns sold without a background check.


Seattle Mayor Recruits Local Businesses to Carry on Failed Gun Ban Effort

As regular readers of this page know, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels in 2008 ignored state law and the advice of the state’s attorney general and created so-called “gun-free” zones in public recreational facilities within the city. These restrictions applied to all lawful carry, including by those with a state-issued concealed carry license. A state court, however, soundly rejected Seattle’s theory that the state’s comprehensive firearms preemption law did not apply because the ban only affected city owned or controlled property. As the trial judge noted in her opinion, “If I were to accept the City’s argument … [n]othing would prevent the City from preventing people from being on the street with their firearms, being on the waterway with their firearms, being on any part of a park with their firearms, or being in any other place that the City of Seattle has control over.”


Gun Control Costing States… Literally

In recent months, several traditionally anti-gun states, and Colorado, have enacted laws that abuse the rights of the average citizen and offend their corporate citizens. The situation has led to an exodus of gun manufacturers to more friendly climes, with anti-gun states losing the significant tax revenue and jobs these companies provide.

Amongst the companies that have chosen to relocate is Magpul Industries of Erie, Colo., a manufacturer of AR-15 parts, accessories and magazines. Magpul warned the state in February that the company would move if legislation banning standard capacity magazines passed. In March, Gov. Hickenlooper signed a ban, and Magpul set out in search of a new home, possibly in Texas.



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