NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Vol. 20, No. 3 01/18/2013

Hypocrisy and Theatrics as Obama Launches Campaign Against Second Amendment

Wednesday morning, the White House accused the NRA of using children as "pawns in a political fight," because we pointed out in an advertisement that while President Obama's children are protected by armed guards at school, their father had shown little interest in armed protection for anyone else's children. We said Obama was being hypocritical. The White House said our ad was "repugnant and cowardly."

Minutes later, Obama surrounded himself with children, to announce that he will use "whatever weight this office holds" to get Congress to prohibit all private sales of firearms, ban "military-style assault weapons" and impose a "10-round limit on magazines." As if to acknowledge that few adults are agreeing with him, Obama said the voices of children "should compel us to change."


Biden says Administration Doesn't Have Time to Prosecute People Who Lie on Background Checks

As has been widely reported, an NRA representative recently met with an Obama administration-directed firearm task force led by longtime gun control supporter Vice-President Joe Biden. It came as no surprise that the meeting had little to do with keeping our children safe and much to do with an agenda to attack the Second Amendment. But you may be surprised to know one of the revelations that came out of the meeting.

Jim Baker, NRA-ILA's Director of Federal Affairs, represented NRA at the meeting. As detailed in a recent Daily Caller article, Mr. Baker was given five minutes to present NRA's concerns and the approach NRA saw as being the most effective way to safeguard our children. During those five minutes, Baker mentioned the need to vigorously prosecute existing gun laws. He further noted the low number of prosecutions for falsifying information on Form 4473s, and the low felony prosecution rate for gun crimes in general.



First State Salvo on Gun Control Fired in N.Y.

Public Input Prevented as Cuomo Seizes Gun Rights in Overnight Session, with Secret Deals, Procedural Shortcuts and Midnight Votes

Anti-gun New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), in stunningly brazen fashion, took a hatchet to gun rights in New York this week. By cutting secret deals behind closed doors, eliminating public input and circumventing normal legislative processes, the governor and state senate passed sweeping anti-gun measures just before the stroke of midnight on Monday. Within 24 hours, Cuomo had his new gun control laws. Cuomo employed a rarely-used executive trick, a "message of necessity," to bypass normal legislative procedures that are strictly followed on hundreds of bills each legislative session.


Effectively Targeting Your Grassroots Activism

In recent weeks, NRA-ILA has been inundated with phone calls and emails from passionate supporters voicing their appreciation for our stalwart defense of the Second Amendment and passing along many productive observations and recommendations. Among them have been precisely the key points NRA has been making; namely that we need to steer Congress's efforts away from gun control and gun bans toward a more productive discussion on things like enhancing school security; improving our nation's mental health system; examining the consequences of a grotesque level of violence our children are exposed to by Hollywood and our pop culture, and enforcement of existing laws against criminals.



ARKANSAS: Two Pro-Gun Bills Introduced In the ‘Natural State’

CALIFORNIA: Glendale City Council to Consider a Proposed Ordinance to Ban Gun Shows

CALIFORNIA: Public Forum on Gun Control to be Held in Santa Rosa

COLORADO: 2013 Legislative Session Begins with Solidly Pro-Gun Bills Introduced but a Monumental Fight on Second Amendment Rights Still Lies Ahead

CONNECTICUT: 2013 General Assembly Session Has Officially Convened

CONNECTICUT: Weston Board of Selectmen Postpones Gun Ban—Shifts Focus to Mandatory Storage

DELAWARE: Governor Jack Markell Unveils Gun Control Plan to Leave You Defenseless

ILLINOIS: Calls from Gun Owners Overwhelm the Illinois State House – Legislators Back Down from Vote on Semiautomatic Firearms and Magazine Ban for Now

ILLINOIS: Cook County Gives Up On Stopping Crime,Considers Passing Law to Punish the Victim Instead of the Criminal!

KANSAS: Pro-gun Reforms Introduced in the First Week of Session

MARYLAND: Governor Holds Press Conference Today, Releases Further Details of Anti-Second Amendment Agenda

MASSACHUSETTS: Governor Patrick's Launches an Assault on the Second Amendment

MICHIGAN: Legislature Introduces Gun Owner Protection Legislation

MISSISSIPPI: Representative Andy Gipson Files First Pro-Second Amendment Bill of the 2013 Legislative Session

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Your Right to Self-Defense is Under Attack

NEW JERSEY: 2013 Legislative Session Has Begun With Anti-Second Amendment Legislation Filed In The Assembly And Senate

NEW MEXICO: The Assault on Your Rights Has Started in Santa Fe: Rep. Miguel Garcia Introduces Private Firearm Transfer Ban, Gun Tax and Firearm Registration Bill

NEW YORK: Governor Andrew Cuomo Seizes Your Gun Rights Overnight with Secret Deals, Procedural Shortcuts and Midnight Votes in Albany

NEW YORK: First State Salvo on Gun Control Fired in N.Y.

RHODE ISLAND: Providence Passes Resolution Banning Semi-Automatic Guns

SOUTH CAROLINA: 2013 Session Convenes With Pro-Gun Activity!

TEXAS: Travis County Commissioners Retreat from Gun Show Ban After Stern Warning from Attorney General Greg Abbott and Input from Gun Owners

TEXAS: Senator Birdwell Introduces Senate Bill 182: Campus Personal Protection Act

VERMONT: State Senator Introduces Legislation to Ban Commonly Owned Semi-Automatic Firearms

WYOMING: Legislature Introduces Pro-Hunting Reform

WYOMING: Session is Underway and Important Pro-Gun Bills Have Been Introduced