NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Vol. 20, No. 18 05/03/2013

NRA Members Remain Focused and Involved

NRA Members rolled up their sleeves and went to work at today's NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop, held in conjunction with NRA's Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston, Texas. Though many attendees were home state Texans, NRA members were represented from states all across the country. Diversity in geography notwithstanding, all were united in a singular mission--learning what MORE they could do to protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights!

As they do every year, many of NRA's Officers stopped by the Workshop to pay tribute to the attendees who serve as the tips of our grassroots arrow. NRA President David Keene, NRA First Vice President Jim Porter, and NRA Second Vice President Allan Cors each came to the podium and gave credit for NRA's recent legislative victories in the U.S. Senate to whom it rightly belongs--our members and grassroots activists. Each stressed the need for attendees to continue their vigilance in defense of the Second Amendment, noting that this battle has not ended.



ALABAMA: NRA-Backed Omnibus Firearms Bill Overwhelmingly Passes House

ARIZONA: Governor Brewer Signs Two Pro-Gun Reforms into Law

ARKANSAS: General Assembly Adjournment Marks Significant Pro-Gun Advances in the Natural State

CALIFORNIA: Anti-Gun Legislators Vote to Destroy Hunting and the Second Amendment in California

CALIFORNIA: Several Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled for a Final Vote in Chamber of Origin and More to be Heard in Committee

COLORADO: Plan for Federal Lands in Grand Junction Area Will Close Lands to Recreational Shooting

CONNECTICUT: Attention Gun Owners and Sportsmen—You are Immediately Impacted by the State’s New Draconian “Gun Control” Law

IDAHO: Hunting Included in New Management Plan for Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

ILLINOIS: Proposed Statewide Shall-Issue Right to Carry Legislation Jeopardized

INDIANA: NRA-Backed Pro-Hunting Reform Bill Goes to Governor for His Expected Signature

LOUISIANA: Update- Firearm Bills under Consideration by the State Legislature

MARYLAND: Join NRA President David Keene at the Caroline County Lincoln Day Dinner

MISSOURI: Right-to-Carry Privacy Reform Goes to Conference Committee

MONTANA: BLM Management Plan Will Affect Motorized Big Game Retrieval

MONTANA: Management Plan Closes Public Land to Target Shooting

MONTANA: Miles City Resource Management Plan Will Affect Motorized Off-road Big Game Retrieval

MONTANA: Final Two Pro-Gun Bills Sent to the Governor

NEVADA: Senate Bill 221 and Senate Bill 227 Referred to the Senate Finance Committee

NEW YORK: Join NRA President David Keene at the Wayne County Conservative Party Dinner

NORTH CAROLINA: Pro-Hunting Reform Bill Passes State Senate

NORTH CAROLINA: Critical Right-to-Carry Reform Bill on House Floor this Monday

OREGON: Bills Harmful to Law-Abiding Gun Owners Move Out of Committee

PENNSYLVANIA: Critical Firearms Preemption Legislation Introduced

SOUTH CAROLINA: Critical Self-Defense Bill Detrimentally Weakened in Senate

TENNESSEE: General Assembly Adjourns with Second Amendment Victories

TEXAS: Senate Passes NRA-Backed Campus Parking Lot Bill And House Schedules Pro-Gun Measures For Consideration This Weekend

UTAH: Veto Override Session Needed

WASHINGTON: Act Now! Special Session to Consider Gun Control Measures Under Consideration

WASHINGTON: State Attorney General Takes Action Against Florida Gun Owners