NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Vol. 20, No. 16 04/19/2013

Drama in the Rose Garden: Defying Senate, Obama Vows to Win on Gun Control

On Wednesday, the Senate rejected a gun control agenda that President Obama has adopted as his own over the last few months, but to which other gun control supporters have bitterly clung for years: banning an ever-lengthening list of semi-automatic firearms, banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and expanding background check requirements to require government permission for many transfers of firearms among private citizens.

Within minutes of the Senate’s votes, which one political commentator called the “biggest loss” of Obama’s presidency, our Thespian-in-Chief theatrically stood beside a prominent crime victim and several family members of other victims in the Rose Garden, beginning his comments in a somber tone, so that the anger to which he would dramatically build over the next 13 minutes would, in contrast, appear more sincere.



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Chris W. Cox's Message to Gun Owners on Their Victory in the Senate

While both sides in the gun control debate regroup after our victory in the Senate earlier this week, I want to give credit where credit is due. The credit for Wednesday’s defeat of gun control goes to the countless gun owners and other Americans who drew a line in the sand--who sent emails and letters and made phone calls to their U.S. senators, urging them to protect private firearm transfers, semi-automatic firearms, and the magazines that millions of Americans own for self-defense.

There is no question that you shocked the enemies of liberty two days ago. Going into Wednesday’s votes, they thought victory was within reach. Many in the media had pushed the idea that resistance to the gun control agenda was futile, and some of our more aggressive adversaries may have started to believe their own propaganda. I’m sure some had convinced themselves that the intensity of their anger toward gun owners was all that was necessary to assure victory.


As Predicted, Our Opponents Aren't Going Away--And Neither Must We!

Gun owners earned a number of victories this week in the U.S. Senate. After watching the Senate reject their gun control agenda, our opponents have decided to attack some of the senators who supported our Second Amendment freedoms.

Michael Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is trying to organize protests at a number of senators’ local offices based on their opposition to the Obama-Bloomberg gun ban agenda. It is important that your senators hear from you as well.

Click "Read More" below to see a list of senators who supported our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, but are now being attacked for standing on the side of freedom. We cannot let this stand! Please take a moment to call their offices to let them know of your appreciation.


Show Your Neighbors you'll "Stand and Fight!"

NRA-ILA has been offering three yard signs for sale featuring our “Don't Tread on my Gun Rights”, “Vote Freedom First” and “I’m the NRA & I Vote” slogans. Sales of these signs have greatly aided our efforts to raise gun owner awareness, and to raise the funds we need to accomplish our goals this year.

Due to the popularity of these three signs, NRA-ILA has designed a fourth sign that is now available! Our newest yard sign highlights our newest slogan: “I Will Stand and Fight with NRA”. Made of the same high quality materials, the new “I Will Stand and Fight with NRA” sign is bold, durable, and easy to assemble. Everything needed to assemble the sign is contained in one compact package, and all components are made in the USA.


Effectively Targeting Your Grassroots Activism

In recent weeks, NRA-ILA has been inundated with phone calls and emails from passionate supporters voicing their appreciation for our stalwart defense of the Second Amendment and passing along many productive observations and recommendations. Among them have been precisely the key points NRA has been making; namely that we need to steer Congress's efforts away from gun control and gun bans toward a more productive discussion on things like enhancing school security; improving our nation's mental health system; examining the consequences of a grotesque level of violence our children are exposed to by Hollywood and our pop culture, and enforcement of existing laws against criminals.


Everything Is Bigger In Texas- Including the NRA Annual Meeting Grassroots Workshop!

At no time in recent history has it been more important for NRA members and Second Amendment supporters to be effective activists in our campaign to protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights. Our freedom is under attack like never before, on multiple fronts!

As such, your attendance at this year's FREE NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop in Houston is a critical step toward ensuring the future of our gun rights. This Workshop has been a staple of NRA’s Annual Meetings for decades, and is one of the most popular seminars of the week, attended by hundreds of freedom-loving NRA members.


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The 16th Annual Firearms Law Seminar will be held on Friday, May 3,, 2013, as part of NRA's Annual Meetings.

The gold standard in firearms CLE classes, this day-long seminar provides legal instruction for practicing attorneys who represent firearms owners and licensed dealers, attorneys wishing to expand their practice to such clients, and others having an interest in Second Amendment law.



ALABAMA: NRA-Backed Omnibus Firearms Bill Assigned to House Committee

ALASKA: Common Sense Legislation Passes Senate and Goes to Governor

ARIZONA: Two Pro-Gun Bills Pass in Legislature and Go to Governor

ARKANSAS: Important Action on Critical Right-to-Carry Reforms

CALIFORNIA: Anti-Gun Legislators Vote to Destroy Hunting and the Second Amendment in California

CALIFORNIA: Concealed Carry Permit Holder Confidentiality Legislation to be Heard Next Tuesday

COLORADO: Plan for Federal Lands in Grand Junction Area Will Close Lands to Recreational Shooting

COLORADO: Sheriffs Continue to Stand in Defense of Your Second Amendment Rights

COLORADO:: Overwhelming Opposition Gives Pause to Unconstitutional Mental Health Bill

CONNECTICUT: Attention Gun Owners and Sportsmen—You are Immediately Impacted by the State’s New Draconian “Gun Control” Law

DELAWARE: Senate Ignores Procedure in Rush to Pass Markell Anti-Gun Legislation

HAWAII: Senate Rejects House Amendments; SB 69 Goes to Committee Conference

IDAHO: Hunting Included in New Management Plan for Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

INDIANA: NRA-Backed Pro-Hunting Reform Bill Passes Senate

INDIANA: School Security Reform Bill Passes House Committee, Goes to House Floor for Consideration

KANSAS: Legislature Passes Many Pro-Gun Reforms This Year

KANSAS: Governor Brownback Signs Pro-Gun Bill into Law

LOUISIANA: Update- Firearm Bills under Consideration by the State Legislature

MARYLAND: Join NRA President David Keene at the Caroline County Lincoln Day Dinner

MISSOURI: Self-Defense Legislation Passes in House

MISSOURI: Right-to-Carry Permit Privacy Update

MONTANA: BLM Management Plan Will Affect Motorized Big Game Retrieval

MONTANA: Management Plan Closes Public Land to Target Shooting

MONTANA: Governor Vetoes Common Sense Pro-Gun Bill in Montana

MONTANA: Miles City Resource Management Plan Will Affect Motorized Off-road Big Game Retrieval

NEVADA: Several Pro- and Anti-Gun Bills Still Moving Forward in Carson City

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Shurtleff Criminal Protection Bill Scheduled for Senate Committee Hearing in Concord on Tuesday

NEW YORK: Join NRA President David Keene at the Wayne County Conservative Party Dinner

NORTH CAROLINA: Pro-Hunting Bill Referred to Senate Judiciary 1 Committee

NORTH CAROLINA: House Subcommittee to Hear Critical Self-Defense Reform Bill on Wednesday

NORTH DAKOTA: Pro-Gun Bills Signed By Governor

OKLAHOMA: Senate to Consider Right to Carry Reform Legislation

PENNSYLVANIA: Attend the 8th Annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally in Harrisburg on April 23

RHODE ISLAND: Gun Control Package Unveiled

SOUTH CAROLINA: Delay Tactics Being Used in the State Senate in an Attempt to Prevent Passage of Critical Self-Defense Legislation

TENNESSEE: Permit Confidentiality Bill Goes to Governor for Approval

TENNESSEE: House Approves School Security Measure

TENNESSEE: Senate Passes School Security Measure, Goes to Governor for His Approval

TEXAS: Legislature Moving On School Security Measures

UTAH: Veto Override Session Needed

WEST VIRGINIA: Significant Legislative Victories this Session for Second Amendment Supporters