NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Vol. 20, No. 46 11/22/2013

Outrage of the Week: Do as I Say, Not as I Do--NY Elitists Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg Think Their Safety is More Important than Yours

Outgoing New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly has long been anti-gun.  And, as a minion of anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he is, naturally, an outspoken proponent of Bloomberg's gun control initiatives and agenda.  But guess what?  When he leaves office and reverts back to just being an "average citizen," Kelly wants for himself, what he would quickly deny to you:  Self-defense in the form of armed protection. 

According to a article, Kelly has requested a team of six NYPD detectives to keep him and his family safe back in civilian life. And get this: it's reported that each detective would make $120,000 a year, and the taxpayers--the very ones he wants unarmed--will be required to pick up the entire bill!


Bloomberg's Weird Thanksgiving Vision

Thanksgiving Day is not until next week, but we're going to get the next item out of the way now. We realize that normal people, who at other times are "in the fight" regarding the right to keep and bear arms, will want to enjoy the upcoming holiday the traditional way: gathered together with family and friends, strengthening the ties with people with whom they are closest, giving thanks for the good fortune to live in the greatest country on Earth, and for at least a day or two, trying to abstain from argument and controversy.

"Normal people," that is.



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Brady Campaign to Gun Control Supporters: Listen, Dummies

Last January, National Review Editor Rich Lowry joined a host of others in denouncing Barack Obama's use of elementary school children at a press conference to unveil his gun control agenda, calling the spectacle "stupidly exploitative" and "infantile." A newly-released ad from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, however, suggests some in the anti-gun community have perversely taken that criticism as a challenge. With the new ad, the Brady Campaign seems intent on taking the tone of anti-gun arguments from the school yard to the nursery.


Law Professor Calls for Repeal of Second Amendment, Rewriting of Constitution

On November 15th, attendees of the University of Connecticut School of Law's "Up in Arms: The Second Amendment in the Modern Republic" symposium were subjected to a presentation by Texas A&M University School of Law Professor Mary Margaret Penrose (video, starting at 1:18:30) that managed to be both stridently radical and backward looking. While antigun sentiment is all too common amongst the educational elite, Prof. Penrose upped by the ante by calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment, along with … well … reimagining the rest of the current U.S. Constitution.


More Gun Control Equals Lower Firearm Fatality Rates?

An article on the PolicyMic website, written by Brian Frydenborg, who identified himself as a former "Peace Operations" student in college, makes a number of scholarly-sounding claims. First, it says that "studies" show that "[s]tates with more gun regulations had lower rates of gun deaths, and states with less gun laws had higher gun death rates, both in terms of suicide and homicide." It also asserts that the "10 states with the weakest gun laws had over twice the rate of gun violence as the 10 states with the strongest gun laws," and that "the presence of gun laws in states had a strong correlation with less gun violence." It even goes on to insist that "the number one determining factor in gun suicide rates by state was not mental health issues, but gun ownership. What counts as "strong laws," of course, was defined by gun control supporters.


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