NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Vol. 20, No. 40 10/11/2013

Double-Standards in D.C.

As most Americans know, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives--and perhaps others in the Obama administration--knowingly allowed guns to be smuggled from the United States to Mexican drug-smuggling cartels, on the hope that the guns would be recovered at Mexican crimes scenes and eventually traced to sales in the United States. The goal of the effort, dubbed Operation Fast and Furious, was to give anti-gun politicians evidence to use in their campaigns against general-purpose semi-automatic rifles, such as the hugely popular AR-15. As for the carnage that might precede the guns' recovery? That was obviously a risk the planners of the operation were willing to take.


BATFE Solicits Comments on Poorly-Conceived NFA Transfer Proposal

As we previously reported, the Obama administration, via the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, has proposed a new rule governing applications by legal entities such as trusts and corporations to make and transfer National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms. To justify the proposed rule, the administration and BATFE have stated that over 39,000 applications for transfers of NFA firearms to trusts or corporations were received in 2012 alone. Nevertheless, the agency cited not a single case in which an NFA firearm transferred to a legal entity was used in the commission of a crime.



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UN American Arms Trade Treaty


Pearl Jam Frontman Comments on Those Who Don't Support Gun Control: "I Almost Wish Bad Things Upon These People"

As lead singer for the band Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder is used to being in the spotlight. His relative fame provides Vedder a platform to voice his political opinions, but that doesn't mean his views are based on fact.


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NICS Will Continue to Operate during Government Shutdown

NRA-ILA has received a number of questions on the status of the NICS system during the government "shutdown".

Law enforcement activities are designated as essential services and do not shut down even if Congress and the President continue in their failure to agree on funding legislation. Rest assured the NICS system will continue to operate.


2013 Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium

The 2013 NRA "Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium" will be held on Saturday, October 12th, at The University of Denver.

Focusing on recent developments in our nation's courts and legislatures regarding the Second Amendment, speakers will discuss and debate current Second Amendment developments and related issues.



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ILLINOIS: Bill to Create Mandatory Jail Time for Victimless Crimes to be Heard as Early as October 22

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MARYLAND: Update on Pending Litigation

MICHIGAN: Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners to Consider Anti-Self-Defense Ordinance Next Wednesday

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MONTANA: Pro-Gun Laws Take Effect

NEVADA: Concealed Carry Improvement Law Takes Effect

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