NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Vol. 19, No. 44 11/02/2012

In professional football, there was a time when it was considered unsportsmanlike to run up a score against an opponent. Once victory in a game was assured, a coach would pull the first string off the field and send in the bench-warmers to get some experience while running out the clock.

But that was a long time ago, and this ain't football--Victory on Election Day is by no means assured.

On the one hand, national and state polls show that Gov. Mitt Romney has gained ground on President Barack Obama since their first debate several weeks ago. The administration's disgraceful response to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens, State Department information specialist Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Ty Woods in Libya--which Obama made worse by referring to their deaths as "bumps in the road"--has caused even some of his previous supporters to question his agenda and his judgment. Moreover, as Daniel Greenfield wrote recently, many voters are just plain tired of being fed an endless stream of Obama's empty slogans.


Three Things Every Gun Owner Must Do

In just a few short days, Americans will flock to the polls and cast their votes for the next President of the United States (as well as members of Congress, governors and state legislators). The votes cast on Tuesday will affect the debate over the Second Amendment and our freedom not just for the next four years, but for the next 40!

All election season, NRA has been urging its members and supporter to go "All In!" to ensure candidates who support the Second Amendment are elected on November 6. Now, with just a few precious days left until Election Day, voter turnout will be the key to our success.

Whether you can spare an entire day--or simply a few hours--over the next few days to assist in our mutual efforts, here are some things EVERY supporter of the Second Amendment MUST do...



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Second Part of Joint Staff Report on "Fast and Furious" Released

This week, the second of three parts of the joint staff report on the "Fast and Furious" scandal was released by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  While the first report looked at the actions of those who actually implemented the disastrous program, this report focuses on the management and oversight of the operation by senior Department of Justice officials--or, to put it more accurately, the lack of management and oversight by those officials.


More Guns and, You Guessed It . . . Less Crime. Again.

Last week, the FBI released its Crime in the United States report for 2011. For the 18th time in the last 20 years, the nation's violent crime rate has gone down. In 2011, as compared to 2010, the total violent crime rate decreased 4.3 percent, to a 41-year low, down 49 percent since the all-time high in 1991. The murder rate decreased 2.1 percent, to a 48-year low, down 52 percent since 1991.


NRA-PVF Candidate Grades & Endorsements!

This year's elections may well be the most important in your voting lifetime! The stakes are enormously high, and you need to be fully informed. For up-to-the-minute campaign information, and to see what you can do to help elect pro-Second Amendment candidates, visit the NRA-Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) website,

This official NRA campaign site will serve as your one-stop campaign reference guide this election season. The site is loaded with all of the critical information you'll need to make informed decisions on Election Day, November 6. Included on the site are news stories, articles from NRA's magazines, NRA-PVF press releases, and, starting October 1st, a complete listing of NRA-PVF candidate grades and endorsements!


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Must-See "GunBanObama" Website

As we enter the home stretch of this year's critically important election, two things are certain: First, the winner of the election will have a profound effect on your Second Amendment rights, and second, it's crucial that you know where the candidates stand on the Second Amendment so that you can make the right choice.

To take a closer look at where Obama stands on issues related to the Second Amendment, please be sure to visit another NRA-PVF This website is a comprehensive resource for the facts on Barack Obama's anti-Second Amendment stance.


Go All In! Work Locally with Your NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative

Your NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative (CFR) is an NRA-ILA staff person who will be living in your area, coordinating our volunteer activities with one goal in mind--ensuring pro-Second Amendment voters turn out to "Vote Freedom First!" on Election Day. Your CFR will be recruiting volunteers to: register voters, make phone calls, knock on doors, generate letters to the editor, distribute candidate information, attend events and turn out the pro-gun vote on Election Day. Please contact your CFR today to find out how you can assist in ensuring pro-freedom lawmakers are elected to office.



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ILLINOIS: Cook County Finance Board Votes in Favor of Discriminatory and Punitive Gun Tax Proposal

KENTUCKY: Lawrence County Officials Hope to Strip Your Right to Carry in the Courts

KENTUCKY: Important Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment Needs Your Vote on November 6

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MARYLAND: Management Plan Continues Hunting Programs on Patuxent Research Refuge

MISSOURI: Attend the Official 2012 NRA Election Night Watch Party

NEBRASKA: Support Proposed Amendment #2, the Constitutional Right to Hunt and Fish

NEVADA: Governor Sandoval Appoints Anti-Hunting Activist to the Nevada Wildlife Commission

OKLAHOMA: Significant Pro-gun Reforms Take Effect Tomorrow

PENNSYLVANIA: Legislature Fails to Act on Important Firearms Preemption Legislation

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