Nebraska: Castle Doctrine Hearing Tomorrow!

Posted on January 24, 2012


Make Your Voice Heard - Contact Committee Members Today  

Tomorrow, January 25, the Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on Legislative Bill 804, which will strengthen your ability to protect yourself and your family by adding personal vehicles to areas in which the Castle Doctrine would apply and removing the fear of criminal prosecution when using deadly force if attacked.  This hearing is scheduled at 1:30 p.m. in Room 1113 of the Nebraska Capitol. 

This NRA-backed legislation, sponsored by state Senator Scott Lautenbaugh (18), is a critical bill this session. Current Nebraska law places the burden of proof on the homeowner when confronting an intruder and hinders your ability to decide when you can use deadly force to protect yourself and your family.  This bill would create a presumption in the favor of a person who uses force against an intruder who has, or is attempting to, unlawfully and forcibly enter a dwelling or occupied vehicle.  In such cases, deadly force would be presumed to be necessary for defense of those within the premises. 

Please contact members of the Judiciary Committee today and respectfully urge them to support LB 804.  Contact information can be found below.

Judiciary Committee:

Senator Brad Ashford (20), Chairman
(402) 471-2622
Senator Colby Coash (27)
(402) 471-2632
Senator Brenda Council (11)
(402) 471-2612
Senator Burke J. Harr (8)
(402) 471-2722
Senator Tyson Larson (40)
(402) 471-2801
Senator Steve Lathrop (12)
(402) 471-2623
Senator Scott Lautenbaugh (18)
(402) 471-2618
Senator Amanda McGill (26)
(402) 471-2610